Scrubs intro remade in Rainbow Six Siege


In what is certainly an unlikely mashup, a YouTuber has remade the intro to medical comedy series Scrubs in Rainbow Six Siege.

Through some clever editing, JollyPirateDonut has been able to stage the full opening in the multiplayer game, theme tune and all.

Using an in-game green screen, the YouTuber recreated the memorable 15-second sequence that opened every episode of the TV show with remarkable accuracy.

In case you aren’t a Scrubs aficionado, the intro cuts between all the show's main characters as they walk into the shot holding a clipboard, pass a radiograph to a coworker, and place it on a backing light.

It’s not easily replicated, and here JollyPirateDonut has done an admirable job given he’s using in-game footage from a frantic FPS game.

The Siege version splices together 14 operator types carrying a package across a room from the Fortress map, before placing the explosives on an opposing wall and blowing them up.

The video was made using green screen tools from an old version of GeForce Experience. Though it’s mirrored, it’s distinctly recognisable, and makes for a catchy lead-in to his latest YouTube video.