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The week in PC gaming: 29th October / 4th November


Welcome to this week’s round-up of PCGamesN’s biggest news and best stories of the last seven days. We’ve got Spitfires in Burma, dogfights in space, and a slew of important patches for some of our favorite games.

Out this week:


The MechWarrior Online open beta began.

Natural Selection 2 is out, and came with this handy trailer.

Stronghold HD came out, and Jeremy revealed he has no idea how to pronounce GOG.com.

Big reads and hands-on

Everything we know about… Dust 514.

Steve has been contemplating Hotline Miami’s dogs, and has a critique of the game’s canines.

Everything we know about Rift: Storm Legion.

We had a long conversation with Stardock’s Derek Paxton about developing Fallen Enchantress out of the ruins of Elemental: War of Magic.

Warning: Paul’s preview of Strike Suit Zero may induce feelings of longing, now recognized by physicians as Mecha Mania. Good thing it hit its Kickstarter goal.

This is wildly cool: an interview with a squadron of virtual Blue Angels aerobatic performers.

Paul accidentally fought the law in Need For Speed: Most Wanted, and the law won.

Paul spent time with Shootmania: Storm. TrackMania 2 is growing as well.

Paul (him again!) turned his Spotlight on Greenlight!

eSports and MOBAs

Clan support will be a part of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

Free weekend for CS:GO courtesy the ESWC Finals.

The MvP Invitational concluded. Then the MLG Fall championship began, and Andrew Groen helped us cover the StarCraft 2 action while I covered the League of Legends tournament.

Nick is ready to lead us through Diretide.

And more…

Shadowgate Kickstarter launched.

I hope you have your fainting couch handy: GTA V looks like it will be delayed on PC.

Looks like microtransactions will be part of Assassin’s Creed 3 for people who want to save time.

Wargaming.net funded recovery of lost Spitfires in Burma.

More Hotline Miami DLC on the way.

Finally: DayZ’s latest patch deals with some of the rampant cheating.

Here’s a cool Battlefield 3 montage.

We have a flight sim channel now, and we also have our own corporate jet. In a manner of speaking.

Noted football expert Julian Benson gives us his impressions of the Football Manager demo, and illuminates us on some of the sport’s nuances.

Valve is a great place to work, but if you get fired from Valve, chances are your friends and coworkers decided to give you the axe. That would sting.

Dust 514 trailer.

Unsurprisingly, Introversion are rather sour toward the console market when it comes to Prison Architect, given their scarring experiences with Darwinia+ on Xbox.

Some cool-looking concept art for the Wasteland 2 Synth faction.

Capt. Price voice actor claimed to be working on a new Modern Warfare, but Activision deny it.

Valve explain why they are so interested in Linux, and love open platforms.

Amnesia: Machine for Pigs trailer.

Starbound trailer.

Creative Assembly’s mobile team looking for formidable.

Duke Nukem himself, voice actor Jon St. John, isn’t wild about guns or game violence.

YES! More Longest Journey / Dreamfall! It’s headed to Kickstarter.

Dead Island: Riptide has a release date.

Green Man Gaming are having a great sale on Football Manager 13.

Serious Sam 3 gets Workshop support.

Sir, You Are Being Kickstarted.

Wait, a Wolfenstein movie?

Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Most people torture their Sims.

XCOM gets a much-needed patch, but a major game-end bug remains problematic.

Neo, what if I told you that there are farms where Minecraft players harvest witches? I have seen them.

Civilization V got a huge balance patch.

X-COM creator Julian Gollop is remaking Chaos.