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Weekend Deal Dump: for the rest of mah lyf


… is how long you wish you could enjoy the free games that we’ve included this week, but sadly they’re only running for this fine weekly holiday. We’ve got Evolve free, we’ve got Blood Bowl cheap, we’ve got Killing Floor 2 free, gosh, we’ve just about got it all. The great thing about games this cheap is you don’t even feel bad about grabbing them purely to play during MGS5’s massively long credits sequences. Sorry, didn’t mean to keep you waiting, hun.


Evolve 1.1

What an odd tale Evolve is. Massive amounts of hype all undone by a few dodgy pre-order structure decisions, DLC plans and a total lack of people actually willing to put the time in. By all accounts it’s a solid game, and maybe a free weekend where everyone can give it a shot is exactly what it needs to be booted back into shape. Be wary though – being the last one into a co-op game is sort’ve like that first time you played StarCraft online, only you also have teammates who are assuming you have the six months of experience they do. You can play it until about half way through Monday Brit time, it’s also 50% off to £12.49 until then.

Focus Interactive Bundle

Act of Aggression

Focus Interactive are the big publisher deal on Steam this week. They’ve apparently made every game I’ve considered playing but passed on for the last five years, so that’s good. You can even get the new Act of Aggression for a couple of quid off. There’s also Wargame: Red Dragon, Styx: Master of Shadows and a tonne of other stuff that comprises something that isn’t a word, a colon and then a mysterious phrase. If you’ve interest in any of them, it’s probably worth dropping just over £20 for the full pack of 21 games linked above. If you do just want one though…

Blood Bowl

75% off at just a fiver for the best murder sportsball simulator out there, based on Games Workshop’s American Football-inspired sports game set in their old Warhammer Fantasy universe. It’s far better than it had any right to be and with the sequel just around the corner, now is a fantastic time to jump in. Sadly there’s no money off that pre-purchase currently. Important reminder: if you don’t play Chaos, you’re a nerd. Do you want to be a nerd, person reading a post about cheap PC games? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Incinerate 'N Detonate update

In celebration of their recent Incinerate ‘n’ Detonate update, Tripwire have given KF2 the free weekend treatment and 33% discount to £13.32. You can find detailed thoughts through that link, but it’s definitely worth a bash if you liked horde modes and co-op. Grab some friends and it’ll be a firey blast. That’s the thing with co-op and team-games (not to mention why they’re so successful): basically anything is a laugh if you’re with people you like. I mean, have you objectively been to a club? They’re awful, dank, smelly places filled with idiots, but we go anyway because mates ‘n’ bants. Killing Floor 2 might be like that, but with more murder.

But probably not.

Humble Bundle: Tom Clancy

Splinter Cell still evolving

There’s a collection of Rainbow Six and Spinter Cell games here, all of which I’ve heard of so I assume they are pretty good. More over, it gets you access to the Rainbow Six: Siege beta for basically nothing at the “even a small donation will do” level. Even more over, like John-Cena-over, is I can finally admit on the internet how much I enjoy the books of Tom Clancy. Specifically the unbelievably bad-good Netforce series. Oh yes, nothing did I follow so dilligently and for so long as that when I was younger, fascinated by the totally garbage story it told of impossible virtual reality and, for some reason, professional boomeranging. If you can handle the dreadfully simple prose – I had the nerve to read it and turn around to mock Twilight in my younger years – it will almost certainly entertain you.

Have fun out there, kids.See any other great deals? We’ll welcome them below.