Welcome to the MOBAverse: Transformers MMO switches genres

Transformers Universe becomes a MOBA

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a peep from Runescape developer Jagex in regards to their Transformers MMO, Transformers Universe. It turns out there’s a good reason for that: the MMO has been doing some transforming of its own. 

Transformers Universe is now a MOTA, a Multiplayer Online Tactical Action game. It’s a MOBA, essentially, but with a “T”. 

“Transformers Universe offers fast-paced, battle centric, tactical action with a selection of game modes for core gamers, casual gamers and Transformers enthusiasts alike,” Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard says. “As the Commander of a new squad, you will recruit, maintain and battle others with a unique collection of Transformers warriors created in collaboration with our friends at Hasbro.”

So it’s gone from one saturated genre to an even more saturated one. It’s a shame, as a Transformers MMO has a lot of potential. The robots in disguise get into an awful lot of fights, so a tactical action game isn’t ridiculous, but I’d much rather have a universe to explore and silly intergalactic adventures than watch Autobots and Decepticons fight in an arena.

The IP means something different to different folk, I guess, because Gerhard believes that a MOTA embodies what the Transformers are all about. “Your squad of Bots are a faction-specific collection with their own play styles, weaponry, augment options and specialties. There are countless fighting strategies when battling them and we really believe they will crystallise, embody and capture both what Transformers is all about and your imaginations.”

Transformers Universe is due out this summer, with beta testers getting a look in over the preceding months. You can sign up for beta on the Transformers site.

Cheers, VG24/7.