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West Games release first footage of controversial STALKER successor Areal

Areal concept art: a bloody mess.

The Ukrainian developers behind the most troubled Kickstarter project in yonks have released the first footage of their intended STALKER successor, Areal. The “early prototype” video is a bid to pull the campaign by its shoulders over the finish line - but is unlikely to sway would-be backers one way or the other.

West Games say the footage is “not representative of Areal’s final quality”.

Some of the right elements are there, though: a flashlight, a forest, and an anomalous crash site. And throughout, the comforting, ever-present blip of something like a geiger counter.

But then there’s that stiff-looking character model. And did anybody manage to identify the bright orange mammal?

It’s entirely possible that Areal will make it. West Games have garnered $37,091 of their $50,000 goal so far, and have six days to go yet. High-profile Kickstarter campaigns typically suffer a lull in the middle, and enjoy a rush towards the end. But then, this has not been a typical Kickstarter campaign.

Since its inception, Areal’s campaign has been dogged by claims that its developers weren’t the STALKER veterans they said they were. But last week, GSC Game World and Vostok alumnus Alexey Sytyanov joined Areal as producer.

Are you one of the thousand who’ve taken a punt on Areal already?

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agent1138 avatarBraveToaster avatarmatthewfarmery avatar
BraveToaster Avatar
3 Years ago

I really want this to be STALKER 2.

agent1138 Avatar
3 Years ago

hopes and dreams

matthewfarmery Avatar
3 Years ago

I think you should take a look at what WG are now doing, they are using fake accounts to spam the areal comments page, we know they are fake because they support the game and west games, anyone who posts will then get spammed by tonnes of posts from different fake users, including

Brent Taylor

Roy Anderson

Ronald Clark

you see, if WG had wanted to control the spam, they could very easy remove the pledges of the said backers, yet they do not, so that means, they are been allowed to spam and under the employ of WG thsemvles,

what is more, backers that have been warning others like myself have tried to contact KS and ask them to step in, yet they haven't, its bloody disgusting that KS itself turns a blind eye to this, despite the loads of reports and proof, that this KS breaks many rules, including start up, misleading and lying to backers, the list goes on and on, now to top it off, all this spam, and to be honest with you, I suspect WG are raising the pledge levels themselves, because because of the spam, quite a few backers have left, but as soon as they do, either exisiting backers are rasing the pledges, and new backers, but its very possible, the accounts are fake, and WG might try and hit the funding goal

on top of that, these trolls are attacking myself and one other backer,

this is how they are running the KS? and are asking for backers money? yet these people attacking backers, insulting them, and not even commented on their own comments page as a creator account, the last one of them was the 30 jun.

in all honeslty, KS themsevles shoudl be setting in, yet they haven't, we need media sites to put pressure on KS and make them site up and take notice, as their rul;es are been broken, and they turn a blind eye to it. we need action against West Games, and pressure on KS themselves to deal with this shambles of a KS, because if they don't do anything, others will do similar, until no one uses the platform, and no one will be able to fund new games,

please help us and report the truth and start seeing the big picture, this KS needs to be shut down, and now

matthewfarmery Avatar
3 Years ago

well, some hours ago, West Games have pushed up the pledges, now 61,512 at the time of writing, but this isn't legit backers, as the number of them hasn't really raised


oh yes, take a look here


the CEO is backing his own game, surely that shouldn't be allowed?

this is WG funding themselves, as the pledges flat lined but only going up, because the pledges where been raised, even though backers were leaving,

now they funded themselves, and will probably try and encorage new backers, oh yes they still spamming the comments page, and quite a few like myself have cancelled their pledges, so they were after the money, and seemed had a lot of money to begin with, even if this does somehow get funded and people lose money, WG might be in for a shock on how much they will get back.

matthewfarmery Avatar
3 Years ago

thought this was worth its own post, one of the spammers spaming the areal comment section, Roy Anderson, while he did spam a bit on the chat room we are using, but later admitted, that kim the CEO was never present at the AMA, they were only copying and pasting answers that where given to them, so they were ignoring questions that they had no answers too.


there is a lot more, but it proves that the AMA was a fake, and that the CEO was never there even though iit was said he was. more proof of West Games lies and deceit, sure the aMA was in itself a mockery, but this blows things wide open, and I have submited this to my own ticket concerning Areal.

maybe now you should realise there is something very wrong with Areal

update 25 is another joke, they hit at two sites that have stood up against them, forbes and VG247

and a list of people that have alsoo stood up against them,

this snapshot proves they ae also responsible for spammiing the comments section, as they posted the exact thing on their FB page


so the spamming is from them, as they want to control the comments section on the project, and what other KS creator has done this?