West Games release first footage of controversial STALKER successor Areal

Areal concept art: a bloody mess.

The Ukrainian developers behind the most troubled Kickstarter project in yonks have released the first footage of their intended STALKER successor, Areal. The “early prototype” video is a bid to pull the campaign by its shoulders over the finish line – but is unlikely to sway would-be backers one way or the other.

West Games say the footage is “not representative of Areal’s final quality”.

Some of the right elements are there, though: a flashlight, a forest, and an anomalous crash site. And throughout, the comforting, ever-present blip of something like a geiger counter.

But then there’s that stiff-looking character model. And did anybody manage to identify the bright orange mammal?

It’s entirely possible that Areal will make it. West Games have garnered $37,091 of their $50,000 goal so far, and have six days to go yet. High-profile Kickstarter campaigns typically suffer a lull in the middle, and enjoy a rush towards the end. But then, this has not been a typical Kickstarter campaign.

Since its inception, Areal’s campaign has been dogged by claims that its developers weren’t the STALKER veterans they said they were. But last week, GSC Game World and Vostok alumnusAlexey Sytyanov joined Areal as producer.

Are you one of the thousand who’ve taken a punt on Areal already?