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We’ve got 2000 Wildstar keys and a really, really inadequate keyring. Take some off our hands

That there in the background is not a Wildstar. It appears to be a moon.

More Wildstar keys? Yes. More Wildstar keys. We’re like the man at the marketplace who doesn’t give a monkeys that your landlord would rather you didn’t copy your key. We’ve got keys coming out of our ears, like pieces of wax compressed into diamond-hard works of undulating organic art.

We’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4… 2000 keys for a weekend with the best hope the MMO genre has left. Blimey. Want one?

Here’s what we’ll need from you: an email address. Stick it into the box embedded in this post, if you don’t mind – we promise it’ll be deleted after we’re done laughing at its silly teenage kisses and redundant underscores.

After that, the box of indeterminably dead-or-alive email addresses will fire out 2000 codes. There’s absolutely no need to comment below – but for the burning need to be a part of the PCGN community. By all means, discuss the relative merits of various hoverboard physics systems and propulsion methods if you like.

Oh, yeah: Wildstar does hoverboards in the place of traditional mounts. That’s sort of indicative of an MMO which, to paraphrase our Tim’s Wildstar preview, doesn’t mess you around.

Keep up with giveaway happenings via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you find a key in your inbox, you can redeem it by registering and logging into an NCsoft account, clicking ‘Apply a code’, and pasting it in.

Beta access will last all weekend, from today at 3pm CEST to 7:59am CEST on Monday. Only European NC accounts are eligible, however, and there’s an enforced level cap of 25.

That’s everything. Type them emails.