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We’ve got 3000 keys for the Magicka: Wizard Wars beta and none of us is even a qualified mage

Magicka: Wizards Wars turns a grudgingly cooperative game into an explicitly competitive one.

MOBAs have doomed us to play the same maps forever and ever, you might have thought. From now till eternity, we’ll gradually internalise every last leaf on Dota 2’s trees (or blackened branches, if you’re on the Dire side of the lanes).

Not so: Magicka: Wizard Wars enters open beta on May 27 – and you can get a seven day headstart on its new pastures if you take one of our 3000 keys.

Lob an email address into the box embedded in this post, if you’d be so kind. It might not look like much, but it knows to delete your details long before the ad men come looking for inboxes to spam.

The box will shortly fire out 3000 emails, each containing a code that’ll allow instant access to Magicka’s beta – a whole week before everybody else piles in.

Commenting below isn’t necessary – but feel free to discuss wizarding worries, e.g. the relative merits of blue streams of light versus red streams of light.

Our Fraser suggested we all buy into Magicka: Wizard Wars when it hit Steam Early Access, and that was 161 days ago. In the time since, it’s only improved – most recently via new Raise Dead magick and that brand new Wizard Warfare map, due to go live for the open beta launch on May 27.

Lock arms with our Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep track of giveaway goings-on. We’ll see you again in the lanes; apologies in advance for the friendly fire.