We’ve got a load of Hearthstone beta keys and PLEASE NO RUNNING – UPDATE: they’re all gone


Update: Comments on this story and the giveaway are now closed. We’ve now delivered each and every key to a randomly selected winner.

Please don’t ask for keys elsewhere on the site. We like that you’re keen but we’ll have to delete the comment, and that makes everyone sad.

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We’ve been given 1,600 keys to fit the lock of the European beta for Blizzard’s Hearthstone – unlikely eSport, toast of Twitch, compelling card game and one of the best things we’ve played this year.

Please don’t break our website. 

Here’s what we want you to do: create an account here on the site, and provide us with an email address either on sign-up or on your profile page. That bit’s crucial. Maybe read it again. Keys will be mailed manually, and we’ll have our best Decker checking the irises of those email addresses.

Leave a comment on this post – about nothing specific, but be nice – and we’ll email you a key. It’s possible that your combined will for keys might temporarily explode the site, so we’ll be waiting 24 hours before doling out codes to ensure everybody has a chance of grabbing one.

So, 1,600 keys. We’ll give away 600 today and 1000 on Wednesday 16th October.

We’ll be tracking repeat entries, so don’t bother doing that. You’ll look thick.

Again: we have an inkling that this is going to be hugely popular, but we’ll do absolutely everything with our power to make sure that those who want keys get them. If you want to know precisely when the next lot of giveaways is due, and when keys are being emailed out, you’re best following @pcgamesn on Twitter or PCGamesN on Facebook.

And that’s it! Oh, one more thing: you’ll want to play all of the vs AI matches first to unlock all of the classes, the competitive Arena, and a healthy number of cards with which to compose your deck. By then, you’ll be having too much fun to care when you’re beaten.

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