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What you see is what you get: No modding support for Evolve

Evolve no mod support

Turtle Rock understands the impact modders can have on the longevity and depth of a game. Left 4 Dead, as wonderful as it was at launch, only got better as the community started to tinker and add to it.

Unfortunately, the studio’s latest game, Evolve, will not launch with any kind of mod support, Turtle Rock co-found Phil Robb told RPS. There are no plans for it at all right now or before launch.

“We’re not against it,” Robb said. “I’m a big fan of that kind of stuff. I mean, if it ends up coming to be, then that’s awesome. But we’re still very much in development. I don’t think we have anything concrete yet.”

That’s a very long “no”. And it’s a massive shame. But then, Left 4 Dead had Valve backing it, not just Turtle Rock, and it was mainly a PC title, though it was also developed for the 360. Evolve, on the other hand, is the work of a smaller team and is multiplatform.

The cynic in me also reckons that it might have something to do with DLC. There’s already a special monster skin available to those who pre-order the game, and it’s not crazy to think that such additional content will appear in the form of premium DLC. Modding support can make such stuff a bit obsolete.

Cheers, RPS.