When does pinball inspire crippling guilt? When it’s adapted from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 1: prime pub game material, apparently.

Zen Studios have collaborated with Telltale Games on a new digital pinball table based on Lee and Clementine’s adventures in grim Georgia.

No bloodied reskin, this. So ambitious have Zen been in their keenness to capture the essence of The Walking Dead Season 1 that the table incorporates quandaries like those weathered in the game proper.

So fire that ball, and make sure you enjoy it – because in a minute, you’re going to have choose who to leave behind in a walker attack.

Skipping from Clem’s treehouse, through the Everett pharmacy in Macon, to the walker-packed centre of Savannah, The Walking Dead pinball table will follow Lee’s story – and make use of voiced dialogue from the original cast.

Somewhere in between playing keepy-uppy with a ball bearing, “choice-driven” sequences will have us search for food and supplies, raise morale in the group, and navigate a herd of walkers.

The Walking Dead pinball table will be playable at E3 next week, and released to the wider public later this summer.

Zen hope it’s an “authentic experience” that captures the “peril and drama” of Lee and Clementine’s story. And why not? Telltale had the drive, and clearly so do they.