Which nameless hellbeast from PC gaming are you? | PCGamesN

Which nameless hellbeast from PC gaming are you?

Which nameless horror are you?

Ever find yourself looking at a square-jawed freedom fighter and have the overwhelming desire to turn his brain into paste? Do muscle-bound marines make you want to literally explode with rage? Then you just might be one of PC gaming's limitless raft of hate-filled mutants.

To be sure, it's best that you take the PCGamesN 'Which nameless hellbeast from PC gaming are you?' quiz. It's a quick and easy test with instant results, and will accurately identify exactly what kind of disgusting horror you really are. 


What did you get? We're confident it's an accurate depiction of the real inner-you. Share your results in the comments.  

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Ben Barrett avatarJoel Gregory avatarSalvador avatarShriven avatarPokenz avatar
Salvador Avatar
2 Years ago

Headcrab. Not the most glamorous.

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

Fallout Super Mutant. I demand a recount, my AI is way better than th-th-tha-th-bzzzzzzz-ERROR-ERROR-ERROR

Joel Gregory Avatar
2 Years ago

Mother was right all along, I really am nothing but a Cacodemon.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

Result: A Half-Life headcrab!

Pokenz Avatar
2 Years ago

A Doom Cacodemon! I guess that would help me when reading books, not going cross eyed and all.