White Night leaves you alone in the dark

White Night

We’re all afraid of the dark, even if just a teensy little bit. Who knows what’s hiding in those shadows? That fear is essential in White Night, a game where every shaft of light is an exhaled breath and a sigh of relief. A survival horror taking its cues from the puzzle-heavy roots of the genre, it’s also incredibly stylish.  

Set in the 1930s, OSome Studio has created a visually sumptuous game with heavy doses of film noir inspiration. Your character is involved in a car crash, and he becomes abandoned in a derelict mansion as the sun sets on the world.

“In order to survive this long night, the player will have to solve puzzles based on the use of light,” details the game’s website. “His safety will depend on the different light sources scattered all around the manor. Some will be fragile, while the most powerful will take efforts to be reached… But if darkness is active and lethal, a mysterious presence will also enlighten the night.”

White Night will release on March 6th.