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Who cares about Facebook? 25,000 second-generation Oculus Rifts sold

Oculus Rift dev kit 2 sales

It’s probably better not to make any assumptions about the sales of an item based on angry, online outbursts. When Oculus VR and Facebook announced their plans to unite, with the social network giant picking the VR company up for $2 billion in cash and shares, people plastered forums, comments sections and, hilariously, Facebook pages with predictions about how this deal would ruin VR.

This doesn’t seem to have had an impact on sales of the second generation Oculus Rift dev kit, however. Oculus VR told TechCrunch that it’s sold 25,000 units since March 19th, when pre-orders started coming in. 60,000 original dev kits were sold over its entire lifetime.

Now, that first figure might not sound like a lot when we’re constantly bombarded with million plus numbers every day when it comes to software, but for developer-only hardware, that’s impressive. It’s easy to forget that’s who the kit is aimed at: not consumers - it’s not really ready for that, even if some have picked them up anyway - but developers. 

So Notch isn’t making a stripped down version of Minecraft for the device, but it looks like there are still plenty of developers ready to experiment with VR and don’t mind Oculus VR’s association with Facebook. It probably helps that it encouraged people like Michael Abrash to join the company

Cheers, TechCrunch.

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Jeul avatarSax avatar
Jeul Avatar
4 Years ago

The vocal minority always overreacts. Ask industry veterans and tech insiders what they think of this deal and it's good news for VR. Maybe 5 years from now, things might be different, but, for now, 2 billion dollars and Facebook's clout can do a lot for Oculus and getting VR started.

Sax Avatar
4 Years ago

Of course it sells. You can probably hear the choo-choo behind the moon.