Who wants to buy Unity?

Unity logo

Do you have a spare $2 billion lying around? According to VentureBeat, that’s how much Unity’s worth, and this afternoon CNET reported that the company is courting the likes of Google, possibly preparing for a sale. 

Inside sources reveal that the company has had serious talks with at least one potential buyer in recent months, while it’s been sharing presentations with other possible acquirers. 

Unity’s become one of the most popular game engines since it popped into existence in 2004, particularly among developers creating games for mobile devices as well as PC.

While indie devs make up a large portion of its users, Blizzard used Unity for Hearthstone, as it was the studio’s first game to make its way over to tablets.

Slitherine, a publisher with over 120 developers working under it, has been encouraging its studios to use Unity as well, as more and more of its games are designed for mobile as well as their traditional platform, PC.

Unity is keeping quiet on the matter at the moment.

Cheers, CNET.