Wild Hearts PC patch on the way to address performance woes

A Wild Hearts PC patch is coming next week for EA and Koei Tecmo’s monster hunter game following numerous performance problems for players on high-end systems.

Wild Hearts PC patch - a hunter with a metal plate protecting their face and black hair swept into a tall, pink-tipped mohawk

Developer Omega Force says a Wild Hearts PC patch is on the way, acknowledging performance issues that have plagued the launch of the monster hunting RPG game and saying it has made significant improvements already. The rival to Capcom’s Monster Hunter shows plenty of promise with its unorthodox weapons and humongous foes, but many players even on high-spec PCs report struggling with issues including frame rate drops, screen tearing, and texture pop-in.

A member of the Wild Hearts development team shares an update on the game’s Reddit page expressing thanks for players who have jumped into the game since release, but acknowledging that “several issues” have hampered the experience for some. It says “a patch will be released next week on all platforms” with fixes and improvements.

Among the problems directly listed are a fix to a CPU threading issue. Omega Force says that, in testing, this fix has resulted in “significantly improved performance on high end PCs.” There is also a specific fix to visual artefacts experienced by players on AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics cards.

Omega Force notes that the default resolution for Wild Hearts will now be 1080p. It adds, “we discovered many users are running higher resolutions than the recommended specs can safely support.” As such, it will be adjusting the Wild Hearts system requirements “and will continue to optimise in this area.” Further to this, the team says a fix for audio desync issues is in the works, but will arrive in a later patch.

Our Wild Hearts review in progress has so far found lots of intrigue in the game’s unique systems and the strong first impression made by the larger Wild Hearts monsters, but the agonising performance problems make it difficult to enjoy as intended. Hopefully the upcoming patch makes some dramatic improvements, because the game itself shows a ton of promise. Until then, check out the best games like Monster Hunter to get that fix.