Red Dead Redemption meets Cities Skylines in Steam builder, out now

Red Dead Redemption and Cities Skylines unite in a new Steam building game, Wild West Dynasty, which has just hit Early Access on Valve’s PC storefront.

Red Dead Redemption meets Cities Skylines in Steam builder, out now: A cowboy on horseback, holding a rifle, alongside his son, in Steam building game Wild West Dynasty

It seems like an unusual mix, the brutal western world of Red Dead Redemption with the urban micro-management of Cities Skylines. But Wild West Dynasty, a new Steam building game, available now in Early Access, is determined to pull it off, combining crafting, exploration, strategy, and story to deliver a fresh genre hybrid. Available also on GOG and the Epic Games Store, if you like the dirt and the drama of the American frontier, alongside clever management and survival gameplay, Wild West Dynasty might be for you.

The pitch is simple. As part of a group of western settlers, you need to gather resources, build a town, and manage the daily needs of your fellow pioneers. You can travel on foot or by horseback, collect treasures on the way, and use the environment to craft and forge the perfect place to live.

Naturally, however, it won’t be that easy. Bandit attacks need fending off, your livestock needs protection from the harsh weather conditions, and if you don’t watch yourself, the scorching heat and biting cold will put you in the ground.

With dozens of missions, branching dialogue, and a story that varies based on your choices, Wild West Dynasty puts a spin on the management game by personalising your struggle. This isn’t just a generic “society” you’re trying to build. This is you, your character, and your people.

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Three editions of Wild West Dynasty are available. The Settler’s Guide to the Wild West gives you a collection of three accompanying digital books, outlining the in-game word. The Digital Supporter Edition comes with the full game soundtrack as well as a short story, covering the game’s lore. And the Ultimate Edition is a combination of the two.

Two thirds of the full Wild West Dynasty world are available to explore already, with developer Toplitz planning to update and build on the game over the next twelve months. The studio has already developed a content roadmap leading up until June, with extra story chapters, more sidequests and buildings, and additional crafting recipes all in the pipeline. You can pick up Wild West Dynasty on Steam for $26.99 USD (£22.99 GBP). Alternatively, head to GOG or the Epic Games Store.

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