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Wildstar’s Esper class revealed, armed with mind blades

Wildstar Espers

When developer Carbine Studios described the Esper as a cross between Professor X and a Green Lantern, I knew I was onboard straight away. Wildstar’s illusionist-type class may at first sound a little too like Guild Wars’ Mesmer, but quickly that image fades as telekinetic blades spin and rip through enemy mobs. 

The Esper does do some typical illusionist tricks; mirages and restrictions to light armour being the most obvious. But being able to generate weapons from thin air and hurl them at enemies Hal Jordan style makes the Esper look like one hell of a class choice. Physical objects are just the start though. Espers can summon groups of animal visions to harass enemies for effective crowd control, as well as breathe soothing dreams into the minds of allies to help cure them, creating a wonderful healer/DPS hybrid.

If you missed last week’s DevSpeak, you won’t be in the know of Wildstar’s first class reveal: The Warrior. Described as a “nuclear powered swiss army knife attached to a pro-wrestler”, he’s obviously the tank of Wildstar. A tank with a hulking great power sword and a Mega-man style arm cannon. Check him out.

You can read up on Wildstar’s classes at Carbine’s in-depth class breakdown website.