Wildstar video shows players deserve housing


The MMO genre is rarely a fan of personal space. Few bother with offering their players a home or place to stay.

Carbine Studios latest dev diary shows that’s all set to change in their space-based MMO Wildstar. We’ll be able to set up our own plot of land and groom it to our personal tastes, however bizarre they may be. Plus, perks. There are many perks to building a cottage and growing a few wallflowers, including XP boosts and crafting facilities.

The video suggests housing is an integrated module, not essential to play the game but something that will reward you for indulging in it. Those perks, too, look like something that will convince most players to set up shop. Heck, just by having your resting XP receive a boost while sleeping in your virtual home should be enough turn most of us into homeowners.

Carbine have yet to announce whether Wildstar will be a free-to-play or subscription MMO. If it’s free-to-play, I’d imagine that housing would be a conveniently paygate-able feature of the game. It wouldn’t be hard to argue, from a publisher’s standpoint, that homeowning is an added extra for the game’s most devoted fans.

I’m still not too sure what to make of Wildstar, the combat and art style don’t seem too distant a departure from World of WarCraft but Carbine have suggested that each class will view the world differently. It’s not simply a different set of combat abilities open to them. Plus, I can see myself having more fun herding goats about my grounds than I would swinging space swords in raids, an option Blizzard’s MMO never gave me.