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Carbine starts free server transfers in WildStar to help out PvP realms

WildStar server transfers

A couple of weeks ago, Carbine gathered every WildStar player up and plonked them into new megaservers, split into a PvE and PvP server in each of the game’s two regions, Europe and North America. 

But rumbles of discontent have been coming out of the PvP servers, with players concerned about how quiet they were. To tackle this, Carbine’s opened the doors to free transfers between PvP and PvE servers within a region.

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“For the time being, these transfers will remain open indefinitely, but we will be closely monitoring the situation and if we feel it necessary we will remove this service,” explains Carbine. “Rest assured, we will ensure to give you appropriate notice if we do decide to shut these free transfers down, as well as an explanation as to why.

“We expect there will be some concerns about players using PvE servers to level up, without the dangers of a PvP server, and then transferring across once they reach max level, however we felt that ensuring the health and community of each server is more vital. We will be keeping a close eye on things for any shenanigans or foul play though.“

Carbine says that, according to the developer’s data, the PvP servers looked healthy, but since the players felt otherwise, they decided to let them decide to move if they wanted. And perhaps some PvE folk will take the plunge into a PvP server. 

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[PWNY] Fluttersnipe avatarAmdisity avatar
[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
[PWNY] Fluttersnipe(3 hours played)
3 Years ago

I stopped playing, but I wish them well. It was missing something, and I couldn't figure out what it was. Great world, great art design and excellent gameplay though.

Amdisity Avatar
3 Years ago

A friend and I gave this a go in beta and played a decent amount, but stopped because it wasn't any better than the masses of f2p MMOs I've tried over the years.

There was one thing that eventually made me shake my head and walk away from ever buying into it. I read an article on another gaming website, an interview with the devs who are ex-WoW staffers, and one of them made a comment along the lines of, 'this is the MMO that WoW should have been.'