The fate of Nexus rests in your hands – a Wildstar update reveal is coming January 4

WildStar on Steam

Surprise! There’s a big Wildstar update coming, and there will be a full reveal tomorrow, January 4. 

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2016 saw some big changes come to the free-to-play MMO, with a big expansion released, the World Story continued in Vault of the Archon, an updated tutorial added, a Steam launch, more customisation added with Heroes Evolved, a new raid released with Redmoon Terror, and also followed up with part two, Redmoon Mutiny.

It’s not clear what’s coming next, but the MMO with the most in-depth housing system in RPG Land is clearly getting something significant. It’s big enough to tease, at least. The last major update came in March last year, withthe Destination Arcterraexpansion.

All we have for now is this little morsel from the official Twitter account: