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WildStar players will get refunded before it shuts down

MMO WildStar is refunding player purchases before it shuts down in November


Earlier this month, Carbine Studios announced that it was shutting down, meaning that the company’s MMO WildStar would also close its doors. This closure will happen on November 28 but, before then, there will be a final big update, and some WildStar players can also get refunds.

About the closure, Carbine says, “we’re going to do everything we can to honor the WildStar community, and show our thanks for your support.”

A refund system will be in place for player purchases and will be processed by October 3. All WildStar purchases made on or after July 1, 2018 will also be reimbursed. The post goes on to say that real money purchases have been disabled on the WildStar website as well as the in-game store. Wildstar Steam payments have also been disabled.

Refunds for prepaid Signature Memberships that go past September 26, 2018 will also be reimbursed. Players with in-game currency – C.R.E.D.D. – that goes unused will also be paid back. The same applies to C.R.E.D.D. that has been used to redeem Signature subscriptions.

The post on the WildStar website contains lots of detailed advice for refunds and detailed dates. As a final sign off, Carbine has introduced some changes that are “aimed at ensuring you can enjoy everything WildStar has to offer.”

Every player will instantly gain Signature status that comes with extra perks and accesses. Any Photobucks you have will be converted to Omnibits with the Amniobit drop rate and cap being increased. All in-game store items will be purchasable with Omnibits including all seasonal items, costumes, and mounts. There are also a load of new events and updates for WildStar’s last hurrah so Carbine has released the full game update notes for players to browse.

Carbine has unfortunately had various layoffs over the years and this big update is the studio’s final thanks to its fans.