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Wildstar’s Protogames Initiative update is colossal; new missions for both low and high level players

Wildstar Protogames

Carbine have released a new update for Wildstar, and it’s absolutely massive. Addressing a variety of player concerns, the most notable element of the Protogames Initiative update is the platter of new content that’s evenly spread between dungeons for veterans to raid and training exercises for newbies. 

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Shiphand quests have been a popular element of Wildstar since launch, and the Protogames update ensures they remain relevant for top-level characters by cranking the difficulty up. These level-50 veteran Shiphand dailies are challenging versions of the existing Shiphand missions, which will provide some better rewards too. If you’re looking to try one of these revised versions, you can pull together a team for one in the Group Finder.

For the newer player, the update introduces ‘They Came From Fragment Zero!’, a level-6 quest that sees you hunting for lost crewmen. Similar to Shiphands, this quest will also be available in a level-50 flavour too, so if you’re a long time player this new mission is still available.

Also aimed at lower level characters is the Protogames Academy, designed to teach newbies about the roles each character takes in group missions. Graduate and make your way to level-50 and you can take on the Ultimate Protogames, a new level-50 dungeon that pits you against randomly selected enemies.

Customisation has been vastly improved, allowing you to redesign your character at a Protostar Modification Specialist, and do plenty more home design in the Housing Decor options, making your playing housing that little more you. You can even select the kind of terrain you’d like your personal space to be built on.

For the nitty-gritty, check out page 2 for the patch notes. Or just jump into Wildstar right now!


Players now have the option of setting the client up to remember and trust their IP address so that they won’t be prompted for two-step verification every time they login.

We have updated the way Renown is earned from Veteran Shiphands and Veteran Adventures. Players will now earn bonus Renown from Medals, Daily Quests, and using the Random Queue. We’ve also added a new currency called ‘Glory’ to Veteran Dungeons and Raids. This currency will be used to purchase Veteran Dungeon and Raid quality gear. We have removed many of the progression-based rewards from the Elder Gem vendor and moved them to Renown and Glory vendors. Elder Gems will now award mostly cosmetic items such as Dyes, Costumes, Mounts, and Customizations.

Players will now receive additional money, Renown, Glory and Prestige from using the random group finder queue for Veteran Shiphands, Veteran Adventures, Veteran Dungeons, Practice Battlegrounds and Rated Battlegrounds.

The speed at which players travel on roads across Nexus has been given a slight boost.

New overhead icons for tradeskill trainers, quest givers and stations have been added to the game.

Character realm transfers should no longer be blocked based on mail the player can’t see.


Grit will now increase health by 18 per point, up from 14, and Grit mini-milestones will now increase health by 250, up from 150.

Players can now customize their existing character’s physical appearance in-game. Look for the customization vendor in major towns (Hint: it’s the same as the previous Dye/Costumes vendor).

Players must now enter their character name to confirm a realm transfer. This is to avoid accidental transfer of the wrong character.

Players may now preview low, medium and high level armor on each class while they are creating a new character.


A new emote is available: /makeitrain

Item Specials


Now procs on receiving Critical Heals.


Damage no longer stacks.

Damage has been increased to 153 up from 51.


Three new costume sets are available! The Clean Hazmat Suit, the Sawbones set, and the Intractable set!

The renown vendor now sells four different titles.

Item tooltips now include the power level of an item.

The following items from Stormtalon’s Lair have been updated with different stats: Stormzapper Treads, Sliver of Aethros, Stormrender, Electrostatic Mantle.

Base Health stat has been reduced by ~22% on all items.

The Renown vendors in Thayd and Illium now sell Inventory Bags, Dye Bags, class AMPs, Runes, Rune Fragments, and Class Upgrades.

The Renown Vendors in Thayd and Illium no longer sell tradeskill Resource Bags

Renown Vendor Pricing has been adjusted.

Adjusted Assault Power and Support Power rewards from imbuements to be in line with overall Assault Power and Support Power balance changes.

Gadget – Caretaker’s Sanction – Fixed an issue in which the tooltip did not state the proper range of the bonus nor the proper number of party members that it will affect.

The Bag of Infinite Frustration no longer uses auto-salvage.

New items are now available for purchase at the Renown vendor.

Fixed an issue with the tutorial dye collection ‘Protostar Promotional Collection’ where the item was not set to have an auto-salvage option.

There are new Costumes and Inventory Bags available from the Renown Vendors in Thayd and Illium.

Renown purchased flasks have been updated to allow stacks up to 99 and are no longer unique.

Gadgets that use the Dissolve special have been reduced to 25% Armor Pierce down from 60% Armor Pierce.

All heal potions and boosts can now be cast while casting and will no longer trigger a GCD.

Removed erroneous level requirement for material bags (which can be purchased for Crafting Vouchers).

The “Plasma Galactium Laser Sight” is no longer restricted to Spellslingers.

Focused Surge Rune set now procs off “Using a Spell Surged ability”.

When adding or rerolling a rune, the soulbind warning text will now not display if the item is already soulbound.

Boosts and Field Techs have had a 10 second cooldown added.

Travel to Thayd and Illium to find new vendors selling Veteran Dungeon and Raid quality gear for Glory!

Veteran Adventure and Dungeon Item Imbuements have been adjusted to be easier to complete.

Item set ‘Haste’ bonus will no longer show up in the buff window.

Fixed an issue that caused the purchase price of some items to appear twice.

Fixed wording on items to give players a clearer idea of how they function.


Buying an ability now unlocks it immediately in the UI for all other action sets.


All AMP unlock item icons will be color-coded based on the class restriction.

Random crashes that were caused by adding or removing AMPs should no longer happen.

AMP items are now stackable.


The disorient effect now affects players who are mounted.

Crowd Control – A line will now be drawn between a player and their weapon while under the subdue effect.

All combat target dummies should now be set up properly so that class mechanics will function as if the player were in combat. Additionally, these dummies are no longer scalable creatures, which was throwing off damage values.

Improved accuracy of character stat reporting when processing many events simultaneously (Example: When killing three creatures simultaneously, the combat log will now report Double Kill, then Triple Kill instead of Triple Kill twice).

Fixed an issue that was causing most res spells to restore players to 100% health rather than 25% health.

Fixed an issue that would cause some spells to provide an incorrect error message when fired.

The Equivar and Luminous Equivar player mounts are no longer immune to CC effects.

Fixed several beneficial buffs that were being removed by cleanses.



Bio Shell

Tier 4 Bonus: Instant cast version now triggers a 0.5s GCD, down from 1.25s.

Bolt Caster

Damage has been increased to 7.43 damage per level up from 7.25 and Assault Power has been increased to 23.45% AP up from 22.87% AP per bolt.

Tier 8 damage has been increased to an 11% AP bonus per bolt up from 7%.

Bruiser Bot

Blitz Tier 1 will now show the correct damage and duration of the Taunt.


Strobe will no longer place a debuff icon on the Diminisherbot.

Disruptive Module

Damage generates 125% threat.

Tier 8 Bonus: While between 30 and 70 Shield Restore is 5.01 damage per level, down from 6.89, 57% Support Power, up from 39.5%.


Tier 4 bonus – While Feedback is on cooldown, Deflecting an attack will reduce the cooldown by 0.5s. This can only occur once every one second.

The buff icon placed on the player after a deflect will now show up as a buff and not a debuff.

Flak Cannon

Tier 4 Bonus – While between 30 and 70 Volatility, gain 7 Volatility per tick.

Fixed an issue in which the Tier 8 bonus would generate more than an additional 26% threat.

Hyper Wave

Tier 4 Bonus- Reduce Critical Hit chance on foes by 9% for 6 seconds.

Tier 8 Bonus – Taking damage from foes affected by Hyper Wave will heal for 67% Support Power. Can only trigger once every one second.

Particle Ejector

Minor Tier Bonus – 2.25% Support Power per tier, up from 2.11%, 3% Threat Generation, down from 5%.

Tier 4 Bonus – Armor is reduced on foes by 20% for 3.0s per tick.

Tier 8 Bonus – While between 30 and 70, damage is increased by 10.94% Support Power per tick.

Personal Defense Unit

Base – 1 ability charge, and restores 1 ability charge every 30 seconds.Tier 4 Bonus increases ability charges to 2.

The absorb contribution has been reduced to 57.5 absorb per level down from 66.55 and the Assault/Support Power contribution has been reduced to 90.7% AP/SP down from 105.1% AP/SP.

Pulse Blast

Fixed an issue with damage scaling, so it matches the damage per level on the tooltip.

Recursive Matrix

Will now only stack once per ally. Higher tier Recursive Matrix buffs will replace lower tier ones. If a lower tier Recursive Matrix is cast the buff will not replace or refresh the higher tier spell.


Base: 12.33 damage per level, down from 13.72, 38.94% Support Power, down from 43.36%, removed Endurance Drain, and gains a static 50% threat generation across all tiers.

Minor Tier Bonus: 6.32% Support Power per tier, up from 3.1%.

Tier 4 Bonus: In addition to the current bonus, when fired instantly Ricochet will now have a 0.5s GCD.

Shock Pulse

3.01 damage per level, down from 3.52, 9.51% Support Power, down from 11.1%, and generates an additional 50% threat.

Target Acquisition

Fixed an issue that was causing the ability to place two debuff icons on the target.


Tier 8 Bonus – Grants a Defense for 5s. Defense decreases damage taken by 10%.

Unsteady Miasma

Reduced volatility cost to 25 from 40.


Boosted Armor

The icon will now show up on the buff line instead of the debuff line.

Exploit Weakness

Dealing critical direct damage with Builder abilities will apply a 10% Physical Resistance debuff for 5s.

Hardened Resolve

While below 30% health gain 50% CC Resilience and 15% damage reduction.

Keep Up the Pace

On dealing Physical damage gain an Empower that increases damage dealt by 5% for 2 seconds.

Quick Restart

Going below 30% health will now restore 14.73 per level and 22% Support power Health and Shield.

Rejuvenating Rain

7.1 per level, up from 4.54.- 10% Support Power, up from 7%.

Survival Instincts

Restores 7% of maximum health every 2.5s, up from 2%.

Volatility Rising

Now generates 5 Volatility every 1 second down from 7 volatility every 1.5 seconds.



Blade Dance

The Tier 8 bonus should no longer persist if Blade Dance is interrupted.


Tier 4 has been updated to recharge both charges. Tier 8 no longer increases the charge count to 3. It now grants an absorb for 22.5% Support Power. If the target is below 35% health the absorb is increased to 29.5% Support Power.

Fade Out

Fixed a bug with Tier 8 that would occasionally cause it to not remove the Esper from “Livebone Cage Spawner” in Malgrave.


The Tier 8 buff now shows the correct now displays the correct tooltip.


Will now play its walk and attack animations when summoned under water.

The Tier 4 bonus now heals for the proper amount.


Tier 4-7 now properly reduces magic resistance.

Mind Burst

Updated the tooltip on tier 4 to be more clear

When critically hitting with Mind Burst the Visual Effects should now display on time.

The Tier 4 DoT will no longer trigger Daze, The Power!, No Remorse and Slow it down.

Mind Over Body

Fixed a bug that would cause the visual to occasionally persist.


Heal has been reduced to 95.25% Support Power from 205% Support Power and 51 health per level down from 109 per level. The per tier bonus has been reduced to 8.75% Support Power down from 15.6% SP.

Tier 4 now grants class specific resource when it is triggered.

Reduced duration to 30s down from 60s.

Tier 8 now restores health over 5 seconds.

Reduced cast time to 1.5s from 3s.

Reduced focus cost to 19 from 34.

Reduced Charge time to 12s from 35s.

Phantasmal Armor

The Tier 4 has been updated to grant 15% magic resistance for the duration and applies an additional interrupt armor. The Tier 8 has been updated to grant an absorb (185% Support Power) to 3 additional allies near the targeted ally.

Pyrokinetic Flame

Now instant cast at base while at or above 3 Psi Points.

Updated the damage and healing to 6.5 damage and health per lvl up from 4.16/lvl and 12.11% Support Power up from 7.79% Support Power.

The tooltip has been updated to specify the field size.

The buff icon for Pyrokinetic Flame has been updated to display the proper icon.

Fixed a bug that prevented Pyrokinetic Flame from being instant cast while Haunt Tier 8 was in use.

No longer triggers a GCD.


Tier 8 no longer displays an empty buff icon on the caster.


Tier 8 tooltip is now displayed correctly.

Spectral Swarm

Fixed a bug that prevented Spectral Swarm from attacking the appropriate amount of times if the distance from the caster and target was greater than 10m.

Telekinetic Storm

The Tier 8 when cast at 2 Psi Points will now properly apply the Tier 8 debuff.

The tooltip for Tier 8 at 5 Psi Points now displays the correct damage dealt in the target tooltip.

Telekinetic Strike

The Psi Charge buff from the Tier 8 now properly states players gain an extra psi point at 3 charges.


The Healing over time now ticks every 1s. This is down from every 2s.

The instant heal increased to 47.23% SP from 46.23% SP. The Heal per level has been increased to 25.26/lvl up from 24.67/lvl.

The Tier 8 Absorb has been increased to 240% Support Power up from 80%.

Cast Time has been reduced to 1.5s, down from 2s.

The tooltip now specifies the AoE will only heal party members.


Cheat Death

The Caster tooltip now displays the correct duration.


Figment should no longer display a buff icon on the caster.


Mitigation increase has been reduced to 6.5% down from 8.5%. No longer has a positional requirement.

Follow Through

Mind Bursts Tier 4 DoT will no longer trigger ‘Follow Through’.

From the Grave

Will now heal more than 5 allies.

Healing Touch

Heal reduced to 29% Support Power down from 35% Support Power, heal per level reduced to 19.2/lvl down from 22.77.

Now heals allies below 60% Health up from 30% Health.

Now can happen every 4 seconds down from 8 seconds.


Now increases all resistances by 8.5%.

Inspirational Charge

This AMP has been redesigned to reduce the cast time of Mind Over Body and Telekinetic Strike by .25 seconds for 5 seconds after using a finisher. This can only occur every 15 seconds.

Me Worry?

The healing buff has been reduced to 10% increased healing down from 28%.

This amp has been updated to generate 1 Psi Point every 2s when triggered. Additionally the threshold has been increased to 50% up from 30%.


Can now proc off of all CC’s.

Not Snackworthy

This ability has been redesigned and will now increase Assault and Support Power by 10% for 5 seconds when Spectral Form is activated.


Now grants a buff that causes the player’s next heal to heal for an additional 33% Support Power and 22 Health/Level after having a spell interrupted.


Now has a 25% chance to proc on hit and the heal has been reduced to 33% Assault Power from 292% AP and 21.87/health level from 189/level.

Stand Strong

Now displays a buff icon.

True Sight

Now displays a buff icon.


Stacks of Power Charge will not be gained if at full (4) Actuators.



Ability visuals, sounds, and telegraphs are now better aligned.

Affliction (DoT) duration reduced to 1s from 2s.


No longer functions as a GTAE. Instead this will fire off the Heal around the ally missing the most health in a line ahead of the Medic. The Medic can still be affected by the heal if they are within range.

The line to detect allies is 5x30m.

The AE Heal is now an 8m circle rather than a square.


Buff tooltip description will now be more consistent with other Shield Mitigation tooltips.


Now has a 25% Threat Reduction on base.

Tier 4 now restores 12.27% Assault and Support Power health every second for 5 seconds.

Tier 8 now grants 11% Deflect for 5 seconds.

Crisis Wave

Tier 4 Bonus: Will no longer grant an extra Actuator-free cast when using Hold to Continue Casting.

Tier 4 Bonus: Will no longer apply the cost debuff if the caster is already under the effects of the debuff at cast start.


Tier 8: Overload duration reduced to 4s from 8s.

Devastator Probes

Visual effects now consistently attach to targets at chest height.

Dual Shock

Will now build an Actuator at base.

Focus Cost reduced on all tiers to 16/17/18/18/19/20/21/21/22 down from 25/25/26/26/27/28/28/29/34.

Base Healing reduced to 21.1 per level, down from 35.23, and 48.48% Support Power, down from 80.95%.

Base Damage reduced to 13.1 per level, down from 25.52, and 30.09% Support Power, down from 58.65%.

Healing per tier increased to 5.23% Support Power, up from 4.48%.

Tier 8 has been moved to Tier 4 and the conversion of damage to health has been increased to 50%, up from 25%.

A new Tier 8 has been added that will apply a HoT to allies and a DoT to enemies. Each will deal/heal 10% Support Power damage / health every second for 3 seconds.

Field Probes

The field is now placed at the feet of the Medic, similarly to Nullifier.

Telegraph offset increased to match other field abilities.

Beacon duration reduced to 4s from 10s. Base Beacon buff reduced to 10% from 20%.

Wound duration reduced to 4s from 10s. Base Wound debuff increased to 35% from 25%.

Tier 4 damage reduced to 5.15% AP and 5.15% SP from 19.47% AP and 19.74% SP.

Tier 8 damage and heal increased to 6.2% AP and 6.2% SP from 5.245% AP and 5.245% SP.

Tier 8 tooltip now displays the correct data.

Magnetic Lockdown

Increased cooldown to 25 seconds, up from 20 seconds.

Increased the per level damage to 6.75 up from 3.44.

Mending Probes

Tier 8 bonus: Probes now consistently detonate when the ally they are attached to takes what would be fatal damage.

Tier 8 bonus: Probes now properly detonate even if the caster is dead.

Tier 8 bonus: probes can only detonate and save a player from death once every 2 minutes (this cooldown is reset upon death).


Affliction (DoT) duration reduced to 2s from 6s.

Quantum Cascade

Tier 8 will properly restore 2 actuators if all 4 ticks hit.


Heal over time duration reduced to 3s from 8s.

Now costs 1 Actuator.

Now creates the activator 15 meters ahead of the Medic.

Increased the range of the Activator to 5 meters, up from 2.5 meters.

Increased the Activator duration to 60 seconds, up from 30 seconds.

Fixed a bug that was preventing a telegraph under the Activator from being displayed.

Fixed a bug that was preventing the field visuals from being displayed.

Focus cost increased on all tiers to 35/35/36/37/37/38/38/39, up from 30/30/31/31/32/32/33/33/34.

Base healing per tick increased to 5.12 per level, up from 4.36, and 11.76% Support Power, up from 10.01%.

Shield Surge

Tier 8 has been changed and will now do 42.4% Support Power bonus damage and healing if the Medic uses Shield Surge while above 50% Shield.


Cooldown increased to 20 seconds, up from 8 seconds.

Will now build an Actuator at base.

Focus cost increased on all tiers to 22/22/23/23/23/24/24/25/25, up from 10/10/10/11/11/11/12/12/12.

Reduced the width of the telegraph slightly.

Will no longer detonate Mending Probes.

Will now prioritize allies missing the most health rather than allies that have the lowest total health.

Will now trigger the Reboot AMP.

Base shield and health restored increased to 24.83 per level, up from 13.95, and 57.05% Support Power, up from 32.03%.

Shield and health restored per tier increased to 2.91% Support Power, up from 2.31%.

Tier 8 has been moved to Tier 4 and the bonus healing has been reduced to 41.5% Support Power, down from 67.68%.

A new Tier 8 has been added that reduces the cooldown of Triage by 10 seconds if a player heals an ally below 30% health.


Acerbic Injection

Duration of the HoT reduced to 2 seconds, down from 8 seconds.

Healing per tick increased to 122.79 health per level, up from 60.63, and 234% Support Power, up from 94%.

This will now Root the caster rather than Disable.

Antigen Isolation

Stacks now refresh the timer.

Armor Coating

Armor buff increased to 20%, up from 8.9% but can now only trigger every 2 seconds.

Concerted Effort

Now properly reduces the cooldown of Barrier and Dual Shock.

Debilitative Armor

Can now trigger off of any damage type rather than only melee damage.

PvP Power debuff reduced to 6%, down from 6.5%.

Defense Mechanism

This will now trigger when taking a critical hit an no longer has a health restriction.

The cooldown reduction will now affect Flash, Urgency, and Calm in addition to Barrier.


Cooldown reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10 seconds.

Energy Pulse

Caster now has a buff icon while Energy Pulse is active.

The first tick of damage is now delayed by 2s.

Now deals damage to 5 targets as per tooltip.

Health Probes

Properly limited to 3 probes at a time.


In addition to restoring allies’ Shield this will now grant immunity to Shield Overload effects for 6 seconds.

Power Converter

Reduced the higher stat sacrificed to 5%, down from 10%.

Protective Surge

Healing increased to 7.14 health per level, and 11% Support Power, up from 10%.

Cooldown reduced to 1 second.

Can now trigger off of any critical damage.

Range increased to 15 meters, up from 10.

Scalpel! Forceps!

Each buff no longer stacks, however the power of each buff has been increased to 8%, up from 3%.

Shield Protocol

This now restores 30 shield per level and 45% Support Power shield instantly.


Now displays a buff icon.


Caster tooltip now reflects the correct amount of health sapped.

Can only trigger while in combat.

This will now automatically Transfusion to an ally below 80% health if they are within 15 meters of the Medic. This prioritizes allies missing the most health.

Now sacrifices 25% Support Power of the caster’s health to restore 3.92 health per level and 37% Support Power health to an ally every second for 2 seconds.

Players can only have Transfusion active on one ally at a time.

Range increased to 15 meters, up from 6


Surged Charge/Release spells will consume Spell Power at the start of cast. If the base level of the spell is cast, the Spell Power is refunded.



Ability Redesign: Grants Affinity to the player and an ally. Upon receiving a direct heal, restore health to the other ally.

Caster stacks now display a tooltip.

Astral Infusion

Tier 8: Upon receiving fatal damage, restore additional health and grant the absorb immediately.

Tier 4: Grants a Defense: Reduces damage taken by 4% (previously Tier 8).

Ability redesign: (Freeform targeting) Heals the target and caster every 1s for 5s, and grants an absorb for 10s on the last tick.

Charged Shot

Tier 8 DoT now stacks with other Spellslingers’ Tier 8 DoT.

Flame Burst

Tier 8 DoT now stacks with other Spellslingers’ Tier 8 DoT.

Healing Salve

Tier 4 Tooltip now reads as: “Heal can be triggered once every 1s”.

Healing Torrent

Focus cost debuff has been removed.

Tier 8: (previously Tier 4) Grants absorb to allies that are under the effects of Voidspring, Healing Salve, or Affinity.

Tier 4: Normal and Surged Healing Torrent have independent cooldowns.

Cooldown increased to 6s, from 3s.

Tier 5 and Tier 8 now have the appropriate 6s cooldown.


Tier 8 debuff icon now displays the proper damage value for the last tick.

Regenerative Pulse

Ability redesign: Heals 1 (most injured) ally. Heal is increased if ally is below 30% health.

Tier 8: Restores 6 Spell Power.

Tier 4: Cooldown is only triggered if Regenerative Pulse is cast a second time within 5s.

Runes of Protection

Focus Costs increased to 35 – 42 (Base – Tier 8) from 34 – 40

Base absorb decreased to 61.91 per level and 116.06% Support Power from 64 and 120%.

Tier 4: Grants 1 Interrupt Armor (previously Tier 8)

Tier 8: Grants a Defense: Increases Deflect Chance by 4.5%.

Runic Healing

Tier 8 bonus now targets the most injured ally.

Now uses freeform targeting and targets the most injured ally.

Now displays the appropriate cost per tick.

Surged casts now appropriately trigger Surge Focus Drain.

Spatial Shift

Can no longer target resource nodes.


Sustain now refunds the initial charge’s Focus cost if cast canceled.

Vitality Burst

Base C1 heal increased to 20.31 per level and 38.07% Support Power from 14.92 and 27.97%.

Base Focus Costs revised to C1: 12 Focus, C2: 20 Focus, C3: 36 Focus.

C2 cast time increased to 1.3s from 1.0s.

Base C2 heal increased to 30.19 per level and 56.61% Support Power from 22.99 and 43.1%.

Minor tier bonus increased to C1: 5.23% and C2: 6.8% Support Power from C1: 3.4% and C2: 5.23%.

Tier 8 HoT now displays a buff icon.


Tier 4: Increases incoming healing by 13%.


Enhanced Shields

When an absorb that is applied to an ally is removed, grants a Defense to that ally for 5s. Defense: Shield Mitigation is increased to 100%.

Flame Armor

When allies under absorb take damage, return magic damage to the attacked.

Frost Armor

When allies under absorb take damage, apply Snare to the attacker.

Frost Snap

Now properly reduces the cooldown of all abilities (previously bugged in a way that only Chill and Flash Freeze were affected).


When an absorb that is applied to an ally is removed, grant an Empower to that ally for 6s. Empower: Increases Assault and Support Power by 5%.

Holy Roller

The Empower now procs off the use of any Support Ability, and stacks will overwrite one another.

Hyper Shield

Landing a Critical Heal grants an absorb.


Killing a foe reduces active Cooldowns by 1s and restores 6 Spell Power.


Now triggers on targets affected by any CC.


AMP Rename/Redesign: “Locked and Loaded” – Upon entering combat, and every 2s thereafter while in combat, grant an Empower. Empower: Increases Critical Hit Severity by 4% per stack. Stacks are removed upon landing a direct Critical Hit or Heal.


Heal per tick decreased to 18% Support Power and 12.14 per level, from 60% and 39.28.

Now has a 100% proc chance and can only occur once every 10s.

Shock & Awe

Interrupting or Stunning a foe grants an Empower. Empower: the next attack has a 100% chance to critically hit.

True Sight

Landing a hit on a foe beyond 20m will deal additional damage.


When using a Spell Surged ability drops the players Spell Power below 25, grant an Empower for 6s. Empower: Increases Assault and Support Power by 7.3%.


When a players attack is deflected, apply Vengeance to the target. Upon being hit, the target takes additional physical damage.


Concealable Blades now has the correct icon.

Embarking on a taxi will now cancel stealth effects.

A new Stealth kit has been added to all races who can play the Stalker class, including Walk, Run, Sprint and JumpLand animations.


Amplification Spike

The Suit Power cost has been removed and this is now castable while casting.

Analyze Weakness

Fixed a bug with Analyze Weakness not dealing damage if the mark wasn’t triggered within 10 seconds of application.


Fixed a grammatical error in Tier 8 Clone’s caster Tooltip

The Suit Power cost has been removed.


Can no longer critically hit.

Nano Dart

Now generates 20% additional threat at base. The Tier 4 has been updated to reduce the cooldown of Steadfast by 1s. The Tier 8 now restores 3 charges.

Nano Virus

Nano Virus has been reworked to a direct damage ability that adds 10 marks to the target. Marks are consumed when damage is dealt by any source and deals damage based on the caster’s stats (this damage has a 10% threat boost). The tier 4 now regenerates 2 Suit Power to the caster each time a mark is consumed. The Tier 8 now increases Deflect Critical Hit chance by 4% and no longer stacks. The target count has also been increased to 3.

The Tier 8 bonus now shows a caster buff.


Tier 8 now displays a buff icon.

Razor Disk

The Tier 4 no longer increases the tier charge count. It has been changed to decrease deflect chance by 3%.

The Tier 8 has been reworked to increase the charge count to 2 and increases the recharge rate to 2 per 10 sec.


Can no longer critically hit.


The Tier 4 has been changed to grant an Empower when deflecting an attack while Steadfast is active. The empower grants 8% Tech for 5 seconds.


The caster tooltip for ‘Evasive’ and ‘Lethal’ now state the proper movement speed decrease.


Battle Mastery

Now grants an Empower that increases damage by 12% for 5 seconds when dropping below 30% Suit Power. This can only occur every 15s.

Blood Rush

Now grants and Empower when attacking from Stealth. The Empower increases Crit Chance and Crit Severity by 4% for 6 seconds.


This has been reworked to grant 8% Support Power while above 50% Shield.

Can’t Stop This

Now grants 1 Dash token on dashing. This has a 20 second cooldown.

Now states the cooldown in the AMP tooltip.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

The taunt has been removed and the damage the clone deals now scales with Support Power as expected.

Fatal Wounds

Damage no longer stacks. The damage has been increased to 6.25% Assault Power and 3.9 Dmg/lvl up from 1.25% Assault Power and .78 dmg/lvl.

Follow Up

Suit Power gain has been reduced to 3 down from 5 and now has a cooldown of 12 seconds. Suit Power is no longer drained when switching stances when spec’d into Follow up.


The stack cap has been reduced to 3 down from 6. The Forbearance duration has been increased to 10 seconds. There is now an internal cooldown of 5 seconds after the heal procs. Stacks can be accumulated while the heal is on Cooldown.

Iron Man

Now grants a movement speed buff and 1 interrupt armor when CC’d.

Keep Up

Now has a 100% Chance to grant 8% movement speed on a critical hit.

Killer Instinct

Now grants an Empower when a player critically hits with killer instinct active that grants Crit Chance by 3% and Crit Severity by 8% for 4 seconds.

My Turn

Fixed an error in the tooltip.


Now deals bonus damage after 3s of not attacking down from 6s.

After hitting a foe with a CC ability, the foe becomes marked and all attacks will deal additional damage to the marked foes for the next 3 seconds.

Now displays a buff icon.


The heal has been reduced to 37% Support Power from 59.6% Support power and the heal per level has been reduced to 24/lvl from 38.7/lvl.


Now grants 10 Suit Power if an attack gets deflected while the Empower buff is active.

Stealth Mastery

Stealth Mastery now also increases Movement Speed while in Stealth by 10%.

Who’s Next

This AMP has been reworked to grant 4% Increased damage for 5 seconds when exiting Stealth.



Atomic Spear

Buff Icon for the Tier 4 Bonus will no longer incorrectly show up on lower tiered versions of ‘Atomic Spear’.

Atomic Surge

Added missing tooltips.

The Major Tier bonuses have swapped positions.

Tier 4 now grants a threaten increasing threat generation by 15% for 4 seconds.

Tier 8 now causes Atomic Surge to deal an additional 16.5% Support Power damage each tick.

Augmented Blade

Now ignores the Global Cooldown.

Base damage reduced to 9.8 per level, down from 13.06, and 30.93% Assault Power, down from 41.24%.

Damage per tier reduced to 1.44% Assault Power, down from 2.95%.

Tier 8 bonus damage increased to 191.44% Assault Power up from 46.025% however can only proc every 3 seconds.

Bolstering Strike

Cooldown decreased to 6 seconds down from 8 seconds.

Base damage and healing reduced to 15.02 per level, down from 15.81 and 46.865% Support Power, down from 49.95%

Increased Tier 4 bonus healing to 48% Support Power, up from 30.1% and will now apply when the Warrior is above 750 Kinetic Energy rather than when their Shield is Depleted.

Bum Rush

Fixed an issue where tiers 4 and higher did not have a cooldown.

Bum Rush and Jolt are now properly reset by the Warrior Innate: Onslaught.

Tier 4 no longer grants a second charge and instead increases the distance traveled from Bum Rush to 20 meters.

Defense Grid

Tier 8 will now restore 31.75% Assault and Support Power shield instantly to the Warrior and allies that enter the field. This heal can only be applied once per Defense Grid.

Emergency Reserves

Fixed with the tooltip for Tier 4 and up.

Tier 8 has been moved to Tier 4 and will now properly apply interrupt Armor to allies, however the range has been reduced to 12 meters, down from 20.

A new Tier 8 will now restore an additional 7.3% Assault and Support Power shield every second for 6 seconds.


Reduced the amount of debuffs cleansed to 1, down from 2.

Base damage increased to 10.04 per level, up from 6.24, and 31.71% Support Power, up from 19.71%.

Tier 4 will now cause Expulsion to purge a buff from enemies hit.

Tier 8 will now deal 34.1% Support Power bonus damage to all enemies hit if players cleanse the buff from themselves and can deal an additional 34.1% Support Power per enemy if a buff is successfully Purged from them.


The root will now only apply if ‘Grapple’ will actually interrupt and pull an enemy. This prevents enemies being rooted away from the Warrior.


Tier 4 now reduces all resistances by 6% rather than just Technology Resist.


Tier 4 bonus now removes 2 Interrupt armor.

Tier 8 bonus now reduces the cooldown by 6s.

Menacing Strike

Tier 4 now grants a Defense buff for 5 seconds, increasing Deflect chance by 5%.

Power Link

Fixed an issues where group members outside of the telegraph could be affected by Power Link.

Reduced cooldown to 20 seconds, down from 25 seconds.

Tier 4 now grants 3% Armor Pierce and 3% Lifesteal rather than the proximity based buff.

Increased the damage from Tier 8 to 21.73% Assault and Support Power per 10 stacks, up from 14.635%.


Tier 4 will now cause Savage Strikes and Tremor to reduce the cooldown by 3.25s.

Tier 8 now causes rampage to deal an additional 33% Assault Power damage if used while above 500 Kinetic Energy.

Relentless Strikes

Tier 4 will now cause every third strike within 3 seconds to increase the damage of Tremor by 23.67% Assault Power or the next Savage Strikes by 11.835% each hit.

Tier 8 will now cause every third strike within 3 seconds to reduce Kinetic Energy Decay by 50% for 5 seconds.


Fixed a bug that was causing all ticks of the DoT to use the same Crit roll with tiers 4 and higher.

Increased the duration of the Snare to 10 seconds to match the duration of the damage over time effect.


Now affects the ally missing the most health rather than the one with the lowest total health.

Now longer reduces the Warrior’s Armor.

Armor granted to an ally has been reduced to 10%, down from 20%.

Damage per tier increased to 1.22% Assault and Support Power, up from 1.19%.

Tier 4 now causes an Ally to automatically deflect the next incoming attack.

Tier 8 increases the amount of deflected attacks to 2.


Tier 4 will now cause every other Smackdown to reset the cooldown of Savage Strikes and Tremor.

Fixed an issue where this could not trigger damage procs.


Cooldown reduced to 7.5s, down from 12s. GCD reduced to 0.75s, down from 1s.

Damage increased to 21.53 per level, up from 21.2, and 67.97% Assault Power, up from 66.95%.

Pushback now only moves enemies vertically.

Tier 8 will now cause enemies to take damage from Aftershock every second for 3 seconds. Initially Aftershock deals 19.63% Assault Power damage and is reduced to 15.1% and 10.57% each tick respectively.



Increased bonus shield capacity to 30%, up from 24%.

Now also grants 25% additional Shield Mitigation.


Armor Shred

Now has a 100% chance to apply on hit.

Will now properly be applied to all enemies hit by an ability.

No longer has a cooldown however the debuff cannot be reapplied until the debuff has expired.

Debuff duration has been reduce to 10 seconds, down from 15 seconds.

Resistances reduced have been lowered to 6%, down from 8.6%.

Bring It

Can now trigger off any damage including periodic damage.

Can now only build stacks every 0.5 seconds.

Stacks required to trigger the heal have been reduced to 10, down from 20.

Healing reduced to 40.192 per level, down from 50.24, and 61.6%, down from 77%.


Will now restore 44.81 health per level and 34.5% Assault and Support Power health instantly rather than health over time.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Will now reduce Kinetic Energy decay by 50% regardless of being in combat.


The Cornered buff now has a 10s duration but will persist if the Warrior is healed above 30% health.

Cheap Shot

Now properly only hits each target once per 2s.

Can now only trigger every 2 seconds.

Damage dealt increased to 8.79 per level, up from 3.79, and 13% Assault Power, up from 5%.


Instant damage reduced to 40.42 per level, down from 58.27, and 62% Assault Power, down from 90%.

Will now also deal additional damage over 6 seconds equal to 6.74 per level and 10.33% Assault Power every 2 seconds.

Festering Blade

The Snare will now properly dispel when cleansed and can no longer be right-clicked to dispel.


The buff will now be granted whenever Shield is active and will increase in power depending on how full a players shield is.

While between 1 and 24% Shield Armor is increased by 13%

While between 25 and 49% Shield Armor is increased by 17%.

While between 50 and 75% Shield Armor is increased by 25%.

While between 75 and 100% Shield Armor is increased by 45%.

Full Force

Now has a 100% chance to trigger when landing a hit.

Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds down from 15 seconds.

Reduced the Threaten duration to 3 seconds, down from 8 seconds.


Reduced the Interrupt Armor gained to 1, down from 2.

Will now cause Stance Juggernaut to restore 71.44 per level and 104% Support Power Shield.

Killing Spree

Will now trigger from killing any enemy.

Cooldown reduced to 1 second, down from 10 seconds.


Increase change to trigger to 25%, up from 10%.

Increased damage per tick to 7.92, up from 3.84, and 12%, up from 4%.

MKII Battle Suit

Will now trigger off of any damage type.

Can now trigger off of non direct damage.

Chance to trigger increased to 25%, up from 10%.

Reserve Power

Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds, down from 2 minutes.

Shield restored reduced to 56.74 per level, down from 146.05, and 87% Support Power, down from 225%.

Speed Burst

Now gives 7.5% movement speed on Dash for 4s. Stacks 2 times.

Spiked Armor

Can now trigger off any damage including periodic damage.

Damage increased to 6.21 per level, up from 4.66, and 9% Support Power, up from 7%.

Sure Shot

Now has a 100% chance to trigger when Deflected.

Reduced cooldown to 3 seconds down from 5 seconds.

To the Pain

Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes, down from 5 minutes

Health restored reduced to 245.76 per level, down from 352.92, and 379% Support Power, down from 545%.

Health drain duration reduced to 10 seconds, down from 15 seconds.

Health drained reduced to 12.288 per level, down from 35.292, and 18.95% Support Power, down from 54.5%.


Fixed an issue where Beacon would not proc twice if players rapidly dashed multiple times in a row.

Duration reduced to 4 seconds, down from 10 seconds.

Max stacks reduced to 2, down from 5.

Healing Received reduced to 5%, down from 7%.


Quests from levels 6 through 49 have had their experience rewards increased by 15%.

Several daily quests in the Northern Wastes and the Crimson Badlands have had their objective numbers lowered to increase the overall speed at which a player can complete these daily quests. Additionally, the spawned targets for these quests now appear more frequently. These quests include Eldan Eradication and Frozen Assets in the Northern Wastes and Slash and Burn, Boulders to Pebbles, and Burning Waters in the Crimson Badlands.

Objective and challenge counts have been adjusted for various quests and challenges throughout Nexus to allow for an overall better and streamlined experience.

Quests throughout Nexus have been re-evaluated to allow for group credit while achieving objectives in a party. Additionally, many more quests may now be shared among party members.

Tougher enemies now drop additional quest items for faster quest progression.

Level 10 players in Celestion, Ellevar, Algoroc and Deradune will receive a quest to find the Protogames Recruiter in a town near them.

Level 50 quests have had the default reputation reward increased by approximately 33%. For example: Quests that previously rewarded 75 reputation now reward 100.

When players skip the Arkship Tutorial, the last quest of the first episode in Crimson Isle, Levian Bay, Everstar Grove, and Northern Wastes will now award 15 additional silver to make up for what they would normally earn when playing through the Arkship content. Players who play through the Arkship Tutorial will also get this additional cash upon completion of these quests.

Various quest giving characters can no longer be attacked by players of the opposite faction.

Arkship tutorials have been added to the end of the cinematic tutorials when a player first arrives on Nexus at level 3. This will provide a summary of events for players who skip the Arkship tutorial content.

The XP bonuses from Guild Perks and the authenticator bonus now apply to daily quests.

Weekly Elder Gem Bonus quests have been added to the Venture Boards in the capital cities.

New quests have been created to lead players from Ellevar or Deradune to Illium, or from Algoroc or Celestion to Thayd.

Elder Gems are now called out as XP rewards when a max level character takes on an equal or tougher mob.

There are now specific quest icons for World Story and Zone Story quests.


Fixed an issue that prevented the achievement log from finding the correct achievement after pressing the button in the ‘Achievement Granted’ floater.

Achievements that display based on the player’s faction will now display properly when faction is temporarily changed, such as in a PvP match.

The “My First Home” and “Time to Expand” achievements will no longer be awarded on login to players who have not purchased the correct tier of house.

All Achievement types will now be automatically checked on login if their requirements change, and awarded if the player meets the new requirements.

“I Like it Rare Blighthaven” is no longer concerned with finding a creature named ‘Swoop’. Players who are at 12 of 13 in the checklist will auto-complete their achievement when it updates to 12 of 12.

Project Legacy artifact weapon achievements and Realm First versions have been added. The path to unlocking these items starts with a rare drop from Avatus.

The “Episode Completion: Terminite Infestation” achievement in Deradune no longer requires the optional breadcrumb, “Terminite Containment”.

Changed achievement text to accurately reflect all the items necessary to craft weapons.

Changed the description of the ‘Novice Armor Tech III’ achievement to accurately reflect the items being made.


The hazard timer in the challenge “Shipside Delivery” in Illium now cleans up correctly when the challenge is abandoned.

The Challenge “Entrance Exam” was pointing to an incorrect location when players were trying to restart the challenge. We’ve set the location to the proper place.

The “Brain Drain” challenge in the Defile now auto-starts when players kill a challenge target in the target area on first-time challenge participation.

The southern Whitevale challenge “Race to the Top” has been revamped to be easier to start, and better to identify where to go to repeat it.

The challenge map indicator for the Demolitions Expert challenge will now appear on the Western Grimvault map.

The challenge map indicator for “Demolitions Expert” will no longer appear out of the map boundaries if in Southern Grimvault with the challenge active.

The “Disarming Fingers” challenge in Southern Grimvault now has more time, giving players a better chance of achieving a gold medal.

The Podsweeper challenge in Wilderrun can now only be restarted when inside Vitara’s Refuge.

Control panels and mobs associated with the “Diagnostic Tests” challenge in the Defile now have challenge association icons on their nameplates.

Fixed an issue where some Soulcore creatures were not counting for the challenge “Slay the Soulcore” in Augment Facility X426 in Whitevale.

If players abandon the “Diagnostic Tests” challenge in the Defile during the holdout, the player will be removed as a holdout participant and their datachron will no longer keep tracking said holdout.

Fixed the objective directions for the challenge “Tanglemore Terminator” in Celestion.

The ‘Speedy Delivery’ challenge can now be unlocked by Dominion players in Prosperity Junction.

The Challenge “Turret Short Circuit” in Galeras now has silver and gold rewards.


“WANTED: Demonclaw” can now be turned in via Datachron.

Made a number of improvements with quest text, art, sound, and effects throughout Algoroc.

Quest credit is given immediately after the player completes casting the targeting spell for the quest “Following Orders”.

The “Touring Tremor Ridge” quest will now introduce players to not only the Taxi Vendor and point out the Mailbox and Transmat Terminal locations, but it will now also introduce the Rented Mount Vendor and the City Guards.

The XAS Warp Tunnel should no longer teleport players inside a prop.

The appropriate caster will now appear in the combat log when players are hit by ‘Devastation’.

Tremor Ridge will now have correct listings for it’s city directions.


Flight of Fancy – The Partial Pattern collection will no longer reset to 0% when players log out.

The Ohmna-Potent Quest for the Genesis Key should now be categorized under Item Imbuement instead of Uncategorized.


Updated Auroria quest boss, Demitrius Kole with new spells.

The Veggie Plague debuff can no longer be removed by clicking on it during the Veggie Delight challenge.


The “Scorched Wings” daily quest can now only be bestowed by the Harmonious Wand-Waver in Blighthaven, and not an item dropped by Scorchwing.

The “Heart of the Swamp” quest is now a daily quest, and available from a bounty board in the Pell trade settlement near the Nursery in addition to the faction settlements in the Cankertube Swamp.

The “Resonance Runner” challenge’s running path in Blighthaven no longer runs through a space where Settlers might have built a thing or two.

The cannons associated with the challenge “Cannonball” can now hold more than one player at a time.

The objective in “Psychic Rescue in Progress” where it is required to kill members of the other faction is no longer optional.

Dominion players are no longer plagued by a spell bar that says “Placing” when trying to board an occupied DRED Parcel Delivery Chute in the Cankertube Swamp.

Resolved a terrain issue that caused the endgame cinematic to trigger when exploring certain areas of Blighthaven.

Players can now interact with Corrupted Radiators while being very close to them in Blighthaven.


Additional info button now disappears once exhausted when accepting the “Tools of the Trade” quest.

Fixed the quest directions for Tanglemore Den to point players out of the cave correctly.

Players under level 10 can no longer use the Fruit Trees for the challenge “Fruit of the Bloom” in the Verdant Sanctuary.

Vicious Manstalkers will now drop whiskers for Alchemy Hunt even if they’re killed before their masters.

The broken medical stations now correctly heal players when activated during the Ravenous Rescue public event.

Platforms used for “A Hop, Skip and a Jump” are no longer guarded by a Prime N22 Executioner.

Fixed an issue where Players weren’t receiving the Achievement “Stampeding Cinderfoot” even though they were hit by the charging Cinderfoot Stag.

‘Healing Nova’ now displays a buff icon after overloading a medical station during the ‘Ravenous Rescue’ event.

Fixed an issue where certain Shadow Hatchlings wouldn’t enter combat with an Unreachable Target error in Shadow Queen’s Den.

Updated the challenge location text for Tanglemore Terminator to no longer say Tanglemore Grove.

Draken on the Hunt has been upgraded from a Regional story to a Zone story in the quest tracker.

The Grim Reapers has been upgraded from a Regional story to a Zone story in the quest tracker.

The number of Journals required for zone completion has been corrected – 20 journals are now required.

Mounted players will no longer die from falling damage when launching from platform to platform during “Surf’s Way Up”.

Added tooltips to Toss Explosive Flare for the quest Sparks in the Belabog Containment Camp.


Fixed a bug that caused higher level players to get more public event credit than low level players when killing adaptive creatures in Deradune.

Players can no longer complete the “Survival of the Fittest” quest without clubbing at least one of the animals.

“A Salvageable Situation” now offered in Bloodfire Village at level 8 or anywhere in Deradune at level 10.

“Crafting for the Dominion” now offered in Feralplain Collective at level 10 or anywhere in Deradune at level 12.

[Dungeon] “Protogames Preparations” now offered in Feralplain Collective at level 10 or anywhere in Deradune at level 12.

All of with Witchwake Moodies will now give appropriate credit for the quest “Trespassers will be Violated”.

Added a delay before the ‘Energy Signature’ begins moving on “Unlocking the Gate”, so players have time to notice it.

Resolved an issue with underground harvesting nodes appearing on the mini map while above ground in Deradune.

Drusera Instances

Increased XP received from Drusera quests.

Drusera 1

Exo-Lab Prime: Fixed an issue where Roaming Ice Spike would not affect players.

Drusera 3

The Hidden Dark

Acquiring the Strain Scythe will no longer be interrupted if the player is moving or jumping.

Fixed an issue where Kezrek Warbringer and Durek Stonebreaker would sometimes walk underground after being spawned.

Spellslinger clones will now properly use Mobile Fire.

Corrupted Clone will now properly display a reward pane icon.

Drusera 4

Revelations of Power

Fixed an issue where Wind Blast would not stun creatures.

Empowering Blaze will now hurt Elder Murderguard.


Darkpool Artillerists in Grimwatch Outpost who can drop a quest item for “Prisoner of the Mordesh” are now flagged appropriately as quest targets.

The “All in Good Faith” quest in Ellevar is now gated behind the completion of the “Recognition of Faith” quest, and the breadcrumb quest, “Before the Storm” has been changed to be given directly from Toric.

The “Locating the Crash” quest now has less tedious crash wreckage detection and smoke plumes for visual aid in the search for wreckage.

Updated “The Amenities of Lightreach” quest to include the new mount vendor and town directions.

Rifle armed Mistymurk Guards will now do the correct amount of damage to both players and NPCs.

Larallen Sentinel will now use the Prime shader to display it’s more difficult.

The ‘Kick Ball’ spell for “Hearts to Grow” ends when the quest is over.

Utsah the Curious was missing his health bars and his level indicator, but he got them back.

There’s now a quest location indicator on the Ellevar overworld map for the quest “All Hail the Queen”.

Rewards from the quest “Dead End” no longer have level requirements.

Everstar Grove

The debuff icon for getting hit with the Dawngrazer Stampede now correctly shows in the debuff list.

The area where the battle with the Firestorm Tank takes place in Fort Firestorm has been cleared of some equipment to make the battle less constricted.

Mission Locations updated to correct locations for “ANALYSIS: Firestorm Fuel”.

The damage caused by the Blight Gas hazards now displays in the Combat Log.


Some of the teleporters on the surface now teleport the player to solid ground.

Telegraphs now display properly while fighting Gritmaw.

The location for the Defensive Protocol Unit world boss has been adjusted to encompass the correct area.

The Defensive Protocol Unit’s Field Generators no longer display the Inversion/Compression Field debuff icons on their own nameplate.

The Moonfell Shambler in Ravenous Ravine will now properly cause damage to the player when casting Leech Spores.

The amount of kills required for the Quest “Observe and Report” have been reduced.

The Darktide Champion will not despawn if it exits combat and returns to its spawn point.


Updated the quest direction arrow to point toward Trooper Tarog for turning in ‘Wanted: Jabbermaw’ in Camp Dustdevil.

Fixed an issue where the quest guide direction arrows would not appear in the XAS Forward Camp for ‘Mysterious Mixture’, Storm’s Breath’ and ‘Power Unleashed’.

Buzzbing spell Pollen Mines will only knockdown the player if the buzzbing caster is level 30 or above. Also, the knockdown in Buzzbing spell, Flurry of the Buzzbing was removed.

Junior Scientist Barkberry and XAS Excavators are no longer friendly with the Dominion.

Exile Patrol NPC’s in East Gate will no longer drop XP or loot.

Fixed an issue that would cause some Whim Fibers to not give players the jump boost.


We covered a small gap on top of the strain wall in the Corridor of Corruption that players could fall into.

The challenge counts for zone completion in Southern Grimvault have been corrected to require 5 challenges for either faction instead of 9.

The Rally ability for the quest “Rallying the Troops” can no longer be used outside of Southern Grimvault.

The quest “Edge of Twilight” was rewarding players for saving troopers when certain actions they were performing were not actually rescuing troopers. Changed the objective text to make the mission goals clearer.

The quest “Just Another Brick In the Wall” now has a turn-in location.

The Pumera Riot band was showing up as Neutral instead of as Exile. Gave them their proper faction.

Bio-Phage Incubators in Southern Grimvault are now marked as neutral instead of Friendly.


New hubs for PvP, Shiphands, Dungeons, and Adventures!

Players were being attacked by enemies whilst activating the ‘Transimulator’ in Sim Core A-01 / H-01. This should no longer happen until after they’ve finished porting in.

Levian Bay

‘Overclocking’ the Firemead Gun, Spurspike Gun, Fusefight Gun, and Grogton Gun during the Event “Wrench in the Works” now has the VFX and sounds lined up properly.


All re-decorating skills now have a lasting effect after completing the “Casual Desecration” quest.

The Product Research Executive for quest “Daddy Long Legs” will now be visible in Area 77 once players have defeated Dreadfang. Previously players could complete the quest by comm call but couldn’t see this NPC until the quest was completed.

The Dominion Warbot in Camp Devotion should no longer path over the stairs.

Loftite Clusters should now drop from Loftite crystals when scanning them.

Hellrose Bowl

Added steps in Hellrose Bowl in Malgrave to prevent the player from getting stuck inside without a mount.

Northern Wastes

The breadcrumb quests to Northern Wastes will now advance their talk objectives when players meet with Captain Zanaar or Venyanna Skywind.

Northern Wilds

Vitalium Crystals in Northern Wilds can now be rescanned every 20 seconds.

‘From the Wreckage’ will now reward experience properly when completed.


Adjusted timing after Avatus’ dialogue at the 2nd firewall in the Exile escort event to prevent Belle’s next line’s VO not playing.

Updated objective text in OMNICore-1 Cortex to better indicate what the player must interact with.

Players will no longer get stuck in the Logic Gate exit teleporter while progressing through OMNICore 1.

Players can no longer jump on the walls to bypass the encounter in the OMNIcore Memory Core holdout.

Quest direction arrows for quests outside the OMNICore-1 will now correctly point at the teleporter out of the instance.

Added text to leave instance yes/no dialogue to explain that all progress will be lost upon player exit.

Added a delay before NPCs will attack Belle/Phaedra during the escort section, to make obtaining the achievement easier.

Avatus Projections in the Circuit Buster event are now immune to CCs.

Moved location of “Datacube: Self Sacrifice” so that it is less likely to mute important VO.

Added location links to the quest objectives in “Journey Into OMNICore-1”.

All of the OMNICore-1 “Tales From Beyond the Fringe” can now be properly collected by players.

The Defile

Reward pane icons have been added to the weapon cases for the “Depleted Shell Game” quest.

Trigger volumes have been added to the tactical elevators, near the Black Focus, so the quest objectives for “The Dark Ascent” cannot be accidentally bypassed.

Players must dismount before they free their captured allies during the quest “Web of Lies”.

The quest “A Gargantuan Task” is daily but can only be bestowed by bounty boards that are now in Final Light (for Dominion players) and Hope’s Dare (for Exile players).

The rare spawn Tessa and her Quickclaw Assassins now drop their rare loot only when they’re all dead, and not when Tessa alone dies.

The quest “A Rose Forgotten” is now properly located under “The Defile” in the quest log.

The vignettes at the end of “The Game’s Afoot” will no longer repeat every time someone kills the quest target if they’ve already completed the quest.

Players no longer get stuck in different phases when abandoning the challenge “Diagnostic Tests” under certain conditions in the Sonic Plaza.

Players can no longer be under the effects of ‘Buoyancy of Spirit’ outside of the Evoker Ward event.

Objectives for the “By the Elements Be Purged” quest now have their own objective location markers, making it easier to see where to go and what players have done where the map is concerned.

Quest “The Game’s Afoot” will advance in the unlikely event the player evades a particular encounter at the beginning of the quest.

“The Game’s Afoot” can no longer be shared due to breaking when it was shareable. After careful deliberation about how the quest flows, we found that there’s no real advantage to it being shareable.

The Proliferator, a rare spawn in the Tainted Gardens, will no longer get immediately murdered by all other hostile mobs in its area.

Changed the headers for Timed Defense holdouts. The new header contains the name of the unit that players need to defend.

The “Summon Rock” control panel for the quest “Insane in the Mainframe” wasn’t activating for some players, so the activation radius got expanded.

Coherence Fragments for the “Weaver Ward” event on “Defense of the Lightspire” now show a public event reward pane icon.

Added the Intriguing Crystal Formation to the reward pane group for the quest “Adventures in Archaeology”.

The difficulties of Blowtorch Razer and Tessa are now more appropriate, for good times.

Players can no longer web-sling through the Tainted Gardens while mounted.

Holdout difficulty for the “Web of Lies” quest is far more manageable for solo players.

Siege of the Lightspire

The radiation-style hazards for the inactive and incomplete areas of the “Siege of the Lightspire” event have been removed, and the Heartthorn hazard surrounding the Dreadwatcher when the “Slay the Dreadwatcher” objective isn’t active now has clearer messaging, and deals damage to players within its telegraphs.

All selectable elements of the “Siege of the Lightspire” public event now have the appropriate event labeling in their nameplates.

When launching ‘Shade Bombs’ or ‘Freedom Bands’ at grimworm exoganglia during the “Siege of the Lightspire” public event in the Defile, targets are acquired on bomb-hit and not bomb-launch.

There are now giant hologram arrows pointing down to the exoganglia on the back of the grimworms during the bombing objectives.

Players can now immediately eject from the bombers and strafers during when the first objective is completed instead of having to wait for the ship’s AI pilot to make up its mind about whether or not the player is in a somewhat safe airspace.

Western Grimvault

The “Bio-Mech Facility Alpha” map label has been changed to “Bio-Mech Facility”.

The hint arrow for the challenge, “Hacking the System” now points to the correct location.

The “Data Byte Hack” buff for the challenge “Hacking the System” in Western Grimvault now properly has a buff icon.

The Twitchy Surgelings and Energy Worms in the Bio Mech Facility in Western Grimvault can no longer be exploited for XP and loot.

Buff tooltips now display for the jump pad effects in the Widowmaker and Fist of Azrion.


Dominion characters should no longer receive a Comm call from Rhoda Wellspring upon completion of the quest to kill Metalmaw. It should only prompt Exile characters now.

The challenge ‘Exploding Icetails’ now only gives single credit instead of double.

Fixed an issue with the quest “Stirring Interstellar Waves” where Exiles were getting comm called from the Dominion, who were being jerks and comm calling collect. Charges not accepted.

One of the kill areas for the quest “Exotic Furs” didn’t actually contain any of the creatures that should have been killed. Moved the location indicator to an area where the kill targets resided.

Rifle armed Dominion Guards in Camp Virtue will now inflict damage properly.

Revised problematic placement of Mining and Relic nodes in southern Whitevale.

Fixed an issue in South Whitevale where hurled snowballs would not always knock players down.


We’ve made many changes to the Guardian Pyralos encounter, which includes reducing his respawn timer down from 15 minutes to 1-2 minutes.

The Wilderrun traps now correctly trap players.

Fixed an issue preventing the completion of the quest, “Tresayne’s Late Arrival”.


All dungeons now use a point system to calculate medal rewards. Group progress towards a medal is displayed in a new UI pane at the top of the screen. Players earn points by defeating enemies, completing challenges and optional objectives, completing the dungeon under the timer and having no deaths during the instance. This system gives players more flexibility when attempting to earn bronze or silver medals.

Capital Cities now have daily quest givers that give a random quest each day to complete a Veteran dungeon.

Reworked all of the dungeon public events so that they do not end the event until the medal reward calculations are complete.

Increased XP/Elder Points awarded for all required and optional Dungeon objectives.

Protogames Academy

There is a new level 10 dungeon called Protogames Academy that introduces players to group combat and serves as a tutorial for many of the mechanics players will encounter in later instances.

Ultimate Protogames

Players can star in a new Protostar gameshow called the Ultimate Protogames, a level 50 veteran only dungeon. Contestants participate in a variety of randomly selected event rooms and aim to earn as many points as possible! Complete optional objectives to earn bonus points and challenges to earn point multipliers. Let the games begin!

The Ruins of Kel Voreth

The bounds of the Ruins of Kel Voreth zone map have been adjusted to properly reflect the play area.

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden

Modified the amount of XP given for normal and veteran difficulty objective completion.

Deadringer Shallaos

Fixed an issue that allowed a portion of the encounter space to be an unintended safe zone during “Reverberation”.

Stormtalon’s Lair

Fixed an issue with Stun Grenades tooltip.

Blade-Wind the Invoker

Taunts will now display in the chat log.


Fixed an issue with Static Paroxysm tooltip.

The second stack of Static Charge now applies after the proper timing (~30 seconds).

Added a buffer between Lightning Strikes and Lightning Rod.


Bosses in Genetic Archives and Datascape will now drop armor tokens (alongside their other items) that can be traded in for legendary gear at Raid Vendors who can be found in Thayd and Illium.


The group size has been reduced from 40 to 20 players.

Room progression has been adjusted and is no longer randomized. This was changed to create more consistent peaks and valleys while progressing through the instance.

Wing 1: Limbo Infomatrix -> Glacial Fortress -> Maelstrom Authority -> Elemental Pair (Megalith)

Wing 2: Volatility Lattice -> Obsidian Wastes -> Elemental Pair (Hydroflux)

Wing 3: Earthen Biomes -> Gloomclaw -> Contemplations on Perspective -> Elemental Pair (Visceralus)

We have increased the drop rate of Encrypted Datashards from Boss kills and Boss challenges.

Fixed a bug where harvesting nodes could be respawned instantly. Nodes will now spawn slowly into the instance and respawn with an extremely slow respawn time.


Will now ‘Reality Dissolution’ twice during the fight. Each time players will be sent to 2 of the 4 available ‘Reality Simulations’.

Fixed an issue with many abilities damaging pets when they weren’t intended to.

Fixed an issue with the telegraph display of Disruption Matrix Distortion.

Mobius Physics Constructor is now immune to Taunt.

Phase Punch now only targets 1 player.

Phase Punch damage reduced by 85% and can no longer crit.

Added a much closer holocrypt.

Phase Punch now has a visible debuff during the cast.

Contemplations on Perspective

Added a holocrypt immediately before the Abstract Augmentation Algorithm’s platform.

Earthen Biomes

Fully Optimized Canimid

Reduced the cone for Feral Slash to 70d.

Schism is no longer deflectable.

Logic Guided Rockslide

Reduced the absorb shield of Maelstrom to 3m.

Increased the IA for Heavy Rain to 25 and the cooldown to ~30s.

Maelstrom now picks new targets after ~10s or when the current target is killed.

Movement penalty is now 25% instead of 15% at the beginning of Maelstrom.

Elemental Pairs

Avatus will now show up to kill in the correct Datacore when a player kills Megalith or his partner.

The elemental bosses will no longer use their VO every time they kill a player.

Hydroflux and Aileron

The Glacial Icestorm has been reworked as escalating raid-wide damage.

Tsunami no longer kills pets.

Tsunami can no longer crit.

Hydroflux will no longer cast Entombed in Ice on Twirling players.

Twirl is now removed when Hydroflux begins casting Tsunami.

Hydroflux and Mnemesis

Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.

Circuit Breaker now deals damage over time.

Reduced the spin speed and safety gap sizes of Combinatorial Genomics.

Hydroflux and Pyrobane

Fixed an issue that prevented units from cleaning up correctly when the Hydroflux and Pyrobane encounter ends.


Pets and Tanks should no longer be valid targets for Rock Pillars.

Removed the knockdown from Rocks Fall.

Momentum buff now adds 5% armor penetration and 1% strikethrough per stack.

Megalith and Aileron

Fierce Swipe is now only used when paired with Aileron.

Fierce Swipe is now distributed damage and ignores 75% armor.

Fierce Swipe now applies a temporary debuff causing subsequent Fierce Swipes to be an instant kill.

Megalith and Mnemesis

Updated telegraph for Rock Pillar so it’s easier to identify.

Mnemesis can now attack while casting Defragment.

Megalith and Pyrobane

Stone Golems are now invulnerable during Ragnarok.

Erupt (to summon a Golem) will now still complete if the target dies mid cast.

Rock Smash now has multiple ticks.


Fixed an issue with Alphanumeric Hash pieces sometimes failing to move correctly.


Brambles now damage targets inside them regardless of movement; however, they no longer snare.

Brambles are now untargetable and will no longer reflect Thorns bleeding damage.

Life Force orbs now explode for encounter wide damage when they hit a player or Visceralus. Upon coming in contact with a Life Force orb, Visceralus now heals for a significant amount.

Visceralus and Aileron

Improved Visual feedback when being targeted by Twirl.

Visceralus and Mnemesis

Visceralus and Mnemesis should no longer recover interrupt armor at unintended times.

Added another gap to the outer ring of the Combinatorial Genomics.

Revised Logic Leash functionality.

Updated the Bramble and Snake spawn cycle and interaction.

Reworked Combinatorial Genomics.

Visceralus and Pyrobane

Deathtouch Scrab will no longer occasionally spawn immediately on top of their chase target.

Deathtouch Scrab should no longer chase pets… or vendbots.

Glacial Fortress

Players should no longer take falling damage from Walatusk Wallop.

Players should no longer be ability restricted when hit by a Snownado.

Frostbringer Warlock will now evade if he attempts to path outside his encounter space.

Frost Boulder Avalanche

Cyclone now starts the spin immediately (but damage is still delayed).


Gloomclaw no longer casts Blight Blast on his secondary threat target.

Gloomclaw’s challenge has been changed to “Defy Corruption – Defeat Gloomclaw without allowing him to re-corrupt any section of the Corrupted Assembly Corridor that you have cleansed”

Hyper Accelerated Skeledroid

Now casts Devastating Smash during the encounter. Healers might find the healing requirements for this encounter a bit more demanding.

Limbo Infomatrix

Keepers of Sands now have infinite interrupt armor (3 while casting Dessicate).

Antlions now have infinite interrupt armor (3 while casting Thrash or Rend).

Thrash now increments the Dehydration meter on a successful cast.

Replaced the challenge “A Light Jog through Limbo” with a new one: “Havok in Limbo”

Keepers of Sands and Antlions are no longer immune to taunt / pacify.

Cyclones are now beneficial, and grant Haste to players running through them.

The water droplet squirgs can no longer be blocked from player pick up if an engineer bot or any other player summoned creature is nearby.

Worms can no longer eat dead players.

Haste: reduced the duration from 20s to 7.5s.

Antlions now remove Haste from nearby players.

Maelstrom Authority

Accelerate Weather Cycle now triggers Cloudburst (AE damage) every 1.5s.

Player Hook renamed to Grapply Hook, and the cooldown was lowered to 1.5s (from 5s).

Obsidian Wastes

Firewalker challenge changed to require the defeat of Tar’gresh without taking damage from Molten Heat, instead of completing the room.

Optimized Memory Probe P2-Z

Fragmented Memory now has 2 Interrupt Armor (down from 3).

System Daemons

Extract’s telegraph now has the dangerous-during cross-hatch.

Overload no longer applies a damage dealt increase.

Purge now applies a debuff to targeted players.

Volatility Lattice

Being targeted with Nullify while standing on a wall now causes the spell to drop on a nearby cube.

Null and Void telegraph now has a lower opacity.

Discharge no longer does a knockdown when Data Devour is completed.

Nullify can no longer be interrupted.

Reduced Obstinate Logic Wall’s speed.

Genetic Archives

Lights Out event room: Fixed a rare edge case where the event wouldn’t reset properly.

The Phagetech Guardians will properly blow purple fire at players while casting Eradicate.

Fixed an issue with gear crafted from schematics found in Genetic Archives. They used to start with 2 rune slots, and upgradeable to 4. They’ll now start with 3 rune slots, and are still upgradable to 4.

Fixed an issue that was preventing Phageborn Crawlers from casting their spells as often as the cooldowns are available.

Added some shared cooldowns to prevent Phageborn Brute from casting Beatdown at the same time Elder Phageborn Deathspeaker casts Bile Expulsion.

Phageborn Darkblade’s Castigate telegraph will now persist until damage is dealt.

Gravitron Operator

Gravity Flux now ignores line of sight.

Kuralak the Defiler

Raid markers should no longer disappear when a player gets disguised.

Phageborn Convergence

Added more bullet-proofing to prevent Terax the Blightweaver from running around and attacking people during the Channeling Energy phase.


PvP Imbuement items now have the correct number of rune slots.

The disable spell applied to players that invade enemy spawn areas now has an icon and tooltip description.

The PvP Imbuement item “Torine Lifecaller’s Sacrificial Mind Blade” now correctly gives Moxie and is imbued with additional Finesse.

Eldan Runic Modules will now be available for purchase from the PvP consumable vendors in Thayd and Illium.

The “Phone Home” achievement will now properly increment when capturing an uplink in Daggerstone Pass.

Players will now find daily quests to participate in PvP matches in Illium and Thayd.

Scanbots can no longer be summoned by use of addons in Battleground or Arena instances.

PvP Daily Quests now award an additional 250 Prestige upon completion.


Fixed a LUA error when leaving a rated arena match.


Daggerstone Pass wins will now be properly counted for achievements that track battleground match wins.

Rewards for random queue will only be displayed to maximum level characters.

Halls of the Bloodsworn

The retreat ability has a new icon.


Warplot tutorials have been updated to reflect new gameplay elements.

The Logic Leaf buff will now properly state (and confer) a 20% shield capacity bonus to the player.

The correct reinforced and secure structure unit will now be present when using the Reinforced Gas Processing Plant, Secure Gas Processing Plant, Reinforced Nuclear Plant, and Secure Nuclear Plant.

The Radiation hazard spells applied by the Nuclear Plant plug will now have tooltip descriptions.

Corrected the tooltip for the Bunker Piercing Weapons spell. This spell will now properly show the Armor Pierce buff percentage given by the plug item.

Adjusted the bonus of the Watchtower Critical Augmentor Plug to grant a flat bonus of Critical Hit Chance per tier – Tier 1: 20%, Tier 2: 40%, Tier 3: 60%.

The PvP buff given by the ‘Comm Tower Deflect Shield’ has been updated to increase deflect chance by 10%/20%/30%.

Warplot Energy functionality has been revised making energy consumption the same for each warplot regardless of plug load out.

Some Warplot raid boss tokens are once again purchasable from the vendor on the Warplot build map.

A team must now capture a Nano-Pak on their side of the map, the center Nano-Pak, and a Nano-Pak on the enemy’s side of the map to enter their enemy’s base.

On each side of the enemy’s base, a team must first destroy the first plug and then the second plug to be granted access to the enemy’s Generator.


Players can now receive a daily quest to complete one of the Adventures on Veteran difficulty. Head on over to Illium or Thayd to grab yours now!

Crimelords of Whitevale

The Thrasher Thugs that spawn as part of the Defeat “Ma” Thrasher event will now enter the fight in an enraged state. This will cause them to do 45% more damage.

Achievements are now granted after the final vignette, with the loot rewards.

Goonbot’s ‘Electric Shotgun’ spell now has a 0.5sec cast time, will track targets correctly, and now has sound FX.

“Hot Stuff” Grazati, “Double Tap” Vincenzok, “Scars” Bragg, and “Bigtime” Zorgg have all had their damage output increased by a significant amount.

The tooltip for “Double Tap” Vincenzok’s Vital Bleed debuff has been re-written to make more sense.

Players now correctly enter combat with ‘Magnetic Land Mines’.

Dropping a carried object now provides a tooltip, appears as a debuff, and is no longer dispellable.

Scout objectives during the “No Place Like Home” event now points at targets and displays icons in nameplates.

Improvement Initiative: Increased the quest item drops for tougher mobs for virtual collect quests in Whitevale.

Added a mini-boss encounter during the prison escape.

Riot in the Void

Professor Goldbough has made some improvements to her bodyguards, and will now summon “Enhanced Guardbots” as part of the final encounter with her.

Psychic Drain will subdue players correctly again. Also, interrupting the spell will drop players out of the sky.

Chilled Reactions now displays how much movement speed is reduced by.

Flamethrower-Wielding Prisoners have had the visuals updated for their Fireblast spell. Also, the cast time and damage have both been increased slightly.

During “Running the Asylum”, Guide Arrows will now correctly point to Warden Rhadman’s room.

The Hycrest Insurrection

“Jailbreak” event now shows the more accurate location indicators for objectives.

The patrolling groups of citizens in Hycrest involved with the Hidden in Plain Sight gameplay mechanic will now move in tighter formation.

The Dominion Tank gun can no longer shoot people inside the transport during “All Aboard”.

During the “All Aboard” event, the Suppression Snipers will now turn to attack players confronting them from behind. This is to make them more consistent with their Suppression Specialist counterparts.

The direction arrows will now always point players towards the basement door during the “Thresher Initiative”.

Upon gaining the ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ buff, a player will now dismiss any pets they currently have out.

The tooltip for the ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ buff has been updated to warn players that pets are a liability when under its effects.

Players should no longer be able to target the Dominion Battlecruiser during the “All Aboard” event.

Removed the debuff icon from whirlwind.

The Malgrave Trail

The Cactosponges at Sunfeather Nesting Grounds will now defend themselves from predation.

The campfire event now tracks individual fires and burning caravan members. Caravan members also run around again, increasing the chance of spreading fires.

Removed the camping opportunity available immediately after Braithwait Ranch.

Adjusted resource availability on the early routes to be slightly sparser and more randomized.

It is no longer possible to leave Thirsty Creek to gather resources until after the caravan begins moving.

During the encounter with Murk & Gurk at Uboshwa, the duo will now try to direct their rage at the caravan every so often. These attacks must be stopped to prevent the death of targeted caravan members.

The amount of time players are given to collect resources at Sunfeather Nesting Grounds has been increased by a significant amount.

Groups who have completed the adventure will now be able to skip past the intro with a vote that pops up shortly after the adventure begins.

The Buzzbings at Sandyhive now pose a direct threat to the caravan. There is also a dangerous Dreg named Thornhide hanging around.

Blisterbone Skinners will now attempt to attack the Caravan members themselves in addition to sending their Scrab pets after them.

The Elemental Horror will now reset properly if players die before his first split.

Obmar’s ‘Pulverize’ spell will now display a proper tooltip when it disorients players.

The Blacksun Sorcerer’s ‘Conflagration’ spell will now display a tooltip.

Pell Ritualists’ Aflame spell now does damage for the full duration of the effects.

‘Heat Exhaustion’ debuff now appears in the debuff line instead of the buff line.

The Elemental Horror’s ‘Splattering Slime’ spell visuals should no longer stick around indefinitely.

The ‘Storm Shield’ debuff players receive from trying to approach the Skywing Stormmother before clearing out the Skywing mobs at the base of her tower will now appear on the debuff line of a player’s target frame.

Grismaran Flux will now properly display as a debuff rather than a buff.

‘Intimidating Bellow’ as cast by Ob’mar will now display a tooltip on targets reflecting that they are knocked down.

‘Intimidating Bellow’ as cast by Ob’mar will now knock players down for a non-trivial amount of time.

‘Lateral Slice’ as cast by the Blisterbone Skinner NPC will now display a tooltip reflecting the fact that it disorients targets.

The Blacksun Sorcerer’s ‘Ground Chains’ spell will now display a debuff icon and will have an appropriate tooltip.

Clicking the “Lead the caravan to Fort Westwatch safely” objective now points to the closest Caravan Member.

The ‘Bug Bomb’, ‘Fire Extinguisher’, and ‘Accuse’ abilities now have appropriate tooltips.

The damage done by the Blistering Heat hazard has been increased to reflect the intended damage as displayed in the tooltip.

Lightning Strikes will no longer have problems following players over rough terrain and the Storm Shield once again exists in the void at Skywing Outpost.

‘Moment of Opportunity’ now appears on the debuff bar.

The ‘On Fire’ spell effect now correctly sits in the debuff bar.

Gorgefly Swarm now tracks the Kurg still under its effects.

‘Braithwait Ranch’ objectives now point at their target area.

The ‘Burning’ spell effect now correctly sits in the debuff bar.

Players can no longer carry items from events while carrying resources.

Added an icon and tooltip for Shell Storm’s disorient effect.

During the event at Sunfeather Nesting Grounds, killing packs of yellow (solo difficulty) Ravenok or stealing Ravenok eggs in any combination of 3 will result in retaliation against the caravan.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge

Exile and Dominion Bomb Guardian NPC’s have had their aggro falloff ranges extended significantly.

Fixed a Bug where Agent Blackwatch’s Shadow Traps would not despawn properly.

The damage over time effect from Sharpshooter Sparks’ ‘Sky Blast’ spell has been renamed, and will now display an appropriate tooltip.

Assault Tanks, Hellfire Tanks, Bunker Busters, and Bomb Guardians will now all be present in the void, and don’t think of trying to get sneaky; they can now see through stealth.

Generator locations are removed from the map as soon as they are destroyed.

Fixed an Edge case that would cause Exile Saboteurs to attack one another if left to their own devices for too long.

War of the Wilds

Control Point nodes are now smaller with more accurate mouse hover tooltips.

The spell effect ‘Crystalline Snare’ has been renamed to ‘Crystalline Grasp’. Its effect has changed from a flat 35% reduction in movement speed to a 7% reduction to movement speed and armor. It can now also stack up to 5 times.

Enemy Champions now start executing their strategies much quicker when the match first starts.

The Samu-Samu Chieftan’s ‘Dark Energy’ spell will now properly display as a debuff on the player unit frame UI.

Updated the tooltip of Crystalline Guile to reflect it’s armor reduction proc.

Interrupt Armor for Murk and Gurk has been lowered back down to 2 in normal mode. Combat and durability stats for Murk and Gurk have been raised in Veteran mode.

Players should no longer be able to click-off Greenshoots or Sagittaurus ‘Burn’ debuff.

‘Flint’, ‘Panzera’, and ‘Maimbot R4’ no longer display a debuff on players when casting ‘Whirlwind’.

Skeech and Moodies are less likely to stack on top of each other when they first spawn.

Map Indicators for Giant Skeech Totem and Giant Moodie Totem are now closer to their actual location.


A new Shiphand is available for players as early as level 6, They Came From Fragment Zero!

Added a quest Tracker filter option for Shiphands – Changing zones should no longer clear the quest Tracker under some situations.

All Shiphands are now available through the group finder interface!

Added matchmaking queues for Shiphands.

Veteran Shiphand: They Came From Fragment Zero is now available!

Veteran Shiphand: Rage Logic is now available!

Veteran Shiphand: Infestation is now available!

Veteran Shiphand: M-13 is now available!

Veteran Shiphand: Space Madness is now available!

Veteran Shiphand: Gauntlet is now available!

Solo players who have just finished a Shiphand mission are now able to queue for another from inside the instance.

Deep Space Disappearance

Added sounds to the security laser hazards and adjusted the damage a bit so it’s more fair.

Players will now receive the optional objective to kill Irontide the Venom Snake as soon as he is available to be killed.

Deep Space Exploration

The ‘Imprisoned’ debuff is now shown in the proper spot over the player’s health.

The Engine Coolant Leak now has an appropriate entry in the combat log, icon, and tooltip.


Swarm Pit creatures now have event icons.

Added a few additional splorgs for players who try to idle in out-of-reach places for the Splorg event.

Players re-entering this Shiphand immediately after completing it will no longer be missing Comm calls from Brick Braggor.

Players can no longer avoid Exploding Splorg by going stealth. The Splorg see all.

The Public Event will not restart once completed until the instance is reset.

The scoreboard will now accurately display information.

The damage from “Exploding Splorg” will now appear in the combat log.


The Bio Contamination hazard now displays how much damage it does.

‘Explosive Decompression’ now appropriately appears on the debuff bar.


All of the Accelerite Fragments in the Cargo hold of the Steady Traveler will now be taken, if the player does not defend them.

Adjusted the Marauder holdout creatures so they no longer despawn if a player dies.

Rage Logic

The electrical puddles are now more hazardous.

Players now get a direction arrow to point to the final boss when on the appropriate objective.

Removed the proxied spell tooltip from the ramming shield, since it was intended to be a quick knockback and instant kill, and not something that needs a tooltip.

Vehicles no longer use player shields when the player is hit.

Damage from the Wall Valve is now more consistently applied.

Space Madness

The debuff that ‘Exact Change 3.0’ applies when casting ‘Soda Fountain’ will now only snare the player. The damage over time has been removed.

Exact Change 3.0 will now cast ‘Beverage Barrage’ properly. The damage, castbar, and telegraphs have all been synced.


Added single use AMP Power and Ability Tier Point Unlock items to Path rewards at levels 15 and 30 respectively. These rewards can also be purchased from the Path reward vendors in capital cities for players who have already obtained these Path levels.

The Settler Broken Medical Stations are now a little clearer about their state and the state for when a Scientist scans it.


Moved a location for “Scavenger Hunt: Hillscourge Hunt” in Deradune so that it will properly fill the search bar all the way when the player is at the location.

Quartermaster An’dal who sits on a chest in an Explorer area of the Fortune’s Fool is has now been lowered in difficulty.


The scientists Summon scanbot button now looks more appropriate.

Changed the term Summon to Deploy in regards to Scientist Scanbot.

All Rimerazor yeti in Whitevale can now be scanned.

Updated Locations for the “Safecracking” mission in Malgrave.

The Dominion Scientist Mission “ARCHAEOLOGY: Eldan Enigma” no longer contains guide arrows that point through walls or through the floor, but will give an indication that players are in the correct area.

The ‘Circuit Overload’ cast from the Eldan Energy Rods now has a telegraph underneath it and should no longer hit scanbots.

The Scientist’s ‘Augmented Capabilities’ buff now has a specific version for Algoroc, Deradune, Auroria, and the Defile. The buff will only persist in the zone it is acquired.

Scientists under the effect of being turned into a veggie after scanning veggies in the Wrecked Winery will no longer be able to summon mounts.

The Scientist buffs for scanning walatusks and girroks in eastern Whitevale now show their proper telegraphs and have improved visuals.

Updated location of some of the Blooming Hellroses in Malgrave so the scan spells work correctly.

The ability to scan Ravenous Frizlets while they are dead in Farside is no longer an available option.

Fixed the directions for some of the Scientist Datacube missions in Grimvault.

Cinderskin Crawler Corpse now counts toward Scientist mission in Southern Grimvault.

The Whitevale Scientist buff ‘Strength of the Girrok’ now shows the proper buff amount.


Projects in the Defile have been moved to new more open area.

Hycrest Settler Build UI tooltips now describes the merchants better.

Settlers can now own one of EACH Tech-Totems.

Attempting to place a Settler campfire too close to another campfire will now turn the targeting decal red and prevent the campfire from being placed.

Settlers in Malgrave should no longer need defy elemental laws of life and logic to collect resources floating in the air beyond reach, buried inside a rock or under a mountain.

“CIVIL SERVICE: Gildgrass Under Siege” will now point to the correct depot for the 4th objective.

The Exile Emergency Med Kit used in “Project: Supply Teleporter” in Galeras now has an updated spell.

Updated the location in the log for the quest “Spreading the Word” so that it points to Glitterfur Village instead of Lightreach Mission.

The Settler build UI is now resizable and the list of buildable objects has been visually improved.

All Settler built Expansion payoffs and Projects now last at least one hour after being built.

Settler Path Missions that unlock special titles are now called out in the Path Mission UI.

All Settler Civil Service missions and Public Safety missions now give titles.

Fixed an issue where certain Settler Structures would not respawn after being built and expiring.


Bail Out will now evacuate everyone in the instance group regardless of range when used in dungeons, adventures and raids.

Fixed an issue with “Transistor Tampering” in Grimvault where the player was not displaying the cast properly.

Fixed an issue with “Fire in the Squirg Hole” in Whitevale where the target was able to be interacted with multiple times.

Soldiers can now find crates of land mines throughout Nexus!

The probebot summoned during the mission “SWAT: Eyes and Ears” in Illium should now path to the NPC affected by the spell.

Targets of Opportunity: Fixed an issue where the telegraphs on certain landmines were not displaying properly.

Gravespinners will now count towards the soldier SWAT mission ‘Spider Scorcher’ in Gravespinner Wood in Auroria.

The Soldier Mission “Assassination: Vitara’s Rose” in Celestion will now unlock at the appropropriate time.


Added an option to the Housing UI that will allow the player to visit a specific player’s house by name.

Vendor holograms that sell renown items have been added to each player’s housing plot.

Ground customization has been added to the Housing Remodel options.

Round Rock Steps (Small) can now be placed on flat surfaces.

Added patio/deck decor items to Housing.

Added a default option for housing ground customization.

Added domes to Housing decor.

Kit Brinny and company will no longer appear at player’s housing plots while on the quest ‘Battlefield Promotion’.

Fixed an issue in housing where certain preview windows wouldn’t close when an item was placed, cleaned up some of the panel styles in the housing UI, and clarified the “Place” and “Crate” button interactions when working with Vendor and Crate UI in Housing.

When going back to the intro state, the intro text/vo will no longer play since the player has already been introduced.

The Levian Bay Biome plug now has a portal to Star Comm Basin.

Many decorative plugs have had their level requirements removed. Additionally, all spacious houses have had their level requirements removed.

The renown vendor will now have a “Container of Basic Building Supplies”. This will grant the player a large quantity of decor items useful in building structures on their housing plot.

Housing vendor will not reset the selected category when closing the UI. The category will reset upon next visit to the home.

There is no longer a reference model in the middle of the house construction animations when building a player house.

The zone map for “Housing Expedition: Kel Voreth Underfoge” has been adjusted to remove the hex overlays on the left side of the map.

New housing building blocks are available. Enjoy doors! Players can now open and close doors by clicking on them with edit mode off.

Fixed an issue where dying to Augmented Predecessors could prevent players from completing the “Expedition: Eldan Test Lab”.

Players can now correctly purchase the Festival Tier 3 FABkit from the Renown vendor when reaching Path level 15.

Moved around trees in Northern Wilds Biome housing plug to fix an issue that was causing the player to collide with invisible walls around the foliage.

The default text on the “Set to Roommate” button has been changed to stay consistent with it’s alternative states.

Adjusted decor model ships obtained from Boom Boxes to be bind on use.

The Protostar Curtain Rod decor item will no longer place halfway into the ground.

The entrance to the Melting Pot expedition now turns off when the plug decays.

Housing experience buffs will now properly give credit when in a solo instance.

The Elemental Spells will now display properly on the ramps of the Osun Foundry Housing Plug.

The Roommates header in the Neighbors UI now sorts neighbors by their roommate status correctly.

Player’s camera should no longer intersect with small props on the Auroria Biome housing plug.

The challenge announcer will no longer announce the medal achieved for challenges without medals.

Added curved (1/4 turn, 1/2 turn), arched, and triangular wall pieces to Housing.

Players now have access to different windows and panes of glass for building blocks as housing decor.

Neighbor invitations will now be automatically accepted if both players initiate an invitation.

Various tube and cylinder building blocks should now be available for players to use in housing decor.

Players may now purchase their very own boxing gym, coach included.


Fixed a bug which prevented guild tax from being calculated.

Modifying a members rank in the right click menu has been added to the circle roster list.


There are plenty of new items available on the Renown vendor!

Fixed Elder Gem vendor prices to prevent buy/sell exploits.

Most items purchased from a vendor with anything other than credits can now be sold back to a vendor for a full refund. Equipment purchased with prestige is a noted exception. Equipment purchased with prestige can be sold back to the vendor for a 50% refund.

Gear purchased from the renown vendor with random stats or rune slots can no longer be sold back for a refund.

The following vendors have set up shop in Thayd and Illium – Veteran Shiphand Gear Vendor, Veteran Adventure Gear Vendor, Veteran Dungeon Gear Vendor, and the Raid Gear Vendor.

Scan Bot Customization have been moved from the elder gem to the renown vendor.

Auction House/Commodity Exchange

Fixed an issue where “Focus Recovery Rate” was not filtering items in the Auction House properly.

Commodity Exchange optimized to have a max limit of 50 results when opening the Sell Tabs. The filters or the search functionality can be used to further narrow down results.


Orb of Power item quest objective has been updated to be more clear as to the player being expected to kill the Exanite Slammers.

Item Imbuement quest “Elemental Extraction” had the incorrect count for the number of Pell the player was tasked with killing. This had been changed.

Players no longer have to wait five-plus minutes for the Pulsating Egg to respawn for the “Egg-sterminator” imbuement quest in Southern Grimvault.

The Imbuement Quest “Eager Egg Hunt” has been adjuste. The new objective count has been lowered to 16, and changing zones / relogging / re-equipping the item will not respawn eggs that have been previously collected. NOTE – these changes will reset all current progress on the quest!

The location links for The Windswept Precipice of Galeras no longer point to Blighthaven.

The artifact weapon imbuement rewards have been improved!

Level 50 imbuement items can no longer be purchased from vendors.


​Rewards provided at end-game have received a large overhaul and, alongside the new Renown and Glory vendors, players should expect to see new stat allocations, more concise loot tables, and a more defined gear progression through Adventures, Dungeons, and Raids.

Improved Housing Décor and FABKit drops: Previously, the drop chance for a Housing Décor or FABKit item was limited by the level of the creature killed and the relative rarity of the item dropped. We have removed the level restrictions on the tables. All World dropped Housing Décor and FABKits can now drop from all creature levels.

In an effort to improve the experience of acquiring random rewards while playing all content, we are changing how World Loot is delivered in the following ways:

Removal of extraneous rewards: We are removing Inventory Bags, Consumables (Potion and Food) and Catalysts from the World Loot tables. We feel these are better acquired through other sources (vendors, crafting, etc.). As a result, there is a much higher chance to receive green-quality and blue-quality items.

Better random items: We have changed the way random items are generated and delivered. Instead of pure randomization, players will now receive random items specific to their class the vast majority of the time. We have also increased the chance of getting randomized blue-quality and purple-quality items from World Loot. Blue-quality rewards now begin appearing at level 6. Purple-quality rewards now begin appearing at level 15. Players will also now receive AMPs specific to their class from World Loot.

Better random stats: We have improved the randomization of stats on items, such that random items will always roll specific to a class-spec combo. For example, when a Warrior kills a mob and rolls on the World Loot table they will have a very high chance to receive a Heavy Armor, Greatsword, or Warrior-specific Accessory item. When this item rolls stats, it will always roll either Warrior DPS or Warrior Tank specific stats. This should greatly increase the potential value of World Loot randomized drops.

Better naming conventions: World Drop items now follow a clearer naming convention. Each item now has a specific class identifier name. For example, level 50 World Drop Warrior items have the class identifier “Barbarian” while Esper items have the class identifier “Haruspex”. Then, each item has a flavor description such as “Manawarp” and “Dynaweave” and a type identifier such as “Boots” or “Sandals”. These will vary between Assault-oriented and Support-oriented pieces. Finally, each item has a rarity identifier. Green-quality items have no rarity identifier, Blue-quality items are Exceptional, and Purple-quality items are “Remarkable”.

For example, the level 50 World Drop Warrior Chest item has the following naming scheme:

Green-quality Assault: Barbarian’s Electroplate Chestpiece

Green-quality Support: Barbarian’s Omnigroove Chestpiece

Blue-quality Assault: Exceptional Barbarian’s Electroplate Chestpiece

Blue-quality Support: Exceptional Barbarian’s Omnigroove Chestpiece

Purple-quality Assault: Remarkable Barbarian’s Electroplate Chestpiece

Purple-quality Support: Remarkable Barbarian’s Omnigroove Chestpiece

As can be seen above, the new naming conventions make it much clearer as to the quality, intended class and intended spec that randomly generated items are aimed at just by reading the name.


Runecrafting ‘Help Button’ now answers some commonly asked questions.

Runes now have color associations (e.g. Fire is Red, Fusion is Purple)


The random event “Seed Split” will now play a sound effect and more reliably show its visual effect when two new seeds are grown.

Item salvaging has been improved.

Higher quality items now have a greater yield.

Higher quality items have a greater chance to receive more valuable components.

The variety of items that can be awarded has expanded, and now included whole runes.

Item type will now have an effect on the possible salvaging results.

Balanced the resource drop rates for common resources in Mining, Relic Hunter, and Farming common resources to account for the prevalence of these materials.

The fee to re-learn a tradeskill that was above the first tier when un-learned will now be properly deducted from the character’s funds.

Moved several harvesting nodes in The Defile that were spawned inside objects and terrain.

Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘Coordinate Crafting’ window from reopening if the player had pressed ESC to close it.

Eldan Runic Module is now purchasable for Crafting Vouchers from the Research Vendor.

A new message for “Add A Power Core” to differentiate it from “Add a Chip” has been added to the Circuit Board Crafting interface.

In Tradeskills, Simple Crafts will now block the button if the schematic is not yet known.

Harvesting tools now require the appropriate harvesting skill level to equip.


Moved the craft target of “Thorny Habanerobloom” to prevent it from overlapping other discoverable targets.

Fixed an issue where the Dominion Architect quest ‘Locker Stocker’ was incorrectly pointing to the Exile turn in NPC instead of the Dominion one in the quest tracker.

Dominion work order quest “I Love Lamp” now points to the correct NPC to turn in the quest.


Replaced tradeskill recipe available in Genetic Archives (so the resulting item’s special ability is useful).


Changed achievements to reflect the new goal of 100 instead of 300.


Fixed a bug where the costume weapon would draw instead of the actual tool when mining.

Relic Hunter

Players will no longer be able to continue attacking invisible Active Relic Nodes after they teleport away.

The relic quest’s directional arrows now cover the entire continent that Illium or Thayd is on.


Fixed an issue where ‘Hunters Harvest’ would vanish when an invalid creature was killed.

Survivalists now receive a buff called “Hunting Spree” when killing creatures that would normally drop survivalist loot and XP. When a certain stack count is reached, “Hunting Spree” will convert to a spell called “Hunter’s Harvest” which guarantees the player a Carcass loot item on the next eligible survivalist kill.


PvP Tailor Patterns are no longer ‘Bind on Acquire’.

The Tailor Pattern ‘Archivos’ LA-5S Smart Cloth Phagemantle has been retired, and replaced with Tailor Pattern ‘Archivos’ LA-5S Smart Cloth Phagesash. Compared to the Phagemantle, the Phagesash’s special ability is much more beneficial for classes that wear light armor.


Certain Technologist Catalysts that did nothing at all have been replaced with Craft Magnet-functionality.

Archivos formulas have been switched to simple crafts.

Technologist-crafted “Biophage Speed Burst” will now become soulbound to its wearer.


The Players listed online in the Social Panel’s pinned button now updates when a player or account is removed from their friends list.

Chat now recognizes the /join command.

The response text for players dialog window has been made brighter.

Replying will now use the last form of channel communication.

Added a “Visit” option to the Social context menu to allow players to right click on any name in the Social panel, or a player’s nameplate and choose to visit the player’s residence.

Fixed an issue where circle permissions were being duplicated if the player had multiple circles over the course of the play session.

Ignoring a player using the /ignore command will show a chat message that confirms that the player was ignored.

Joining a raid group or converting a group to a raid will now end any active challenges.

Account level friends now have their names tinted, in the friends panel, in association with their faction.

The Friends List’s Advanced Options window now only appears while the Friends tab is selected.

Updated need vs green and chat to better handle linking items in chat related to need vs greed rolls.

User Interface

/who finally has a UI — no more chat spam!

The /who command will now search for players within a specified zone or sub zone.

The cast bars on the unit frames have been updated to be much more noticeable.

A new icon has been added for the Key Slot in the Character Panel UI.

The cooldown for a Ready Check is down to 15s from 60s.

Inventor Pinger’s storefront in Whitevale now properly categorizes specials in the specials tab instead of ‘general’ tab.

Hoverboards are now more visible in the Mount Customization UI.

Zone map dropdown windows now resize according to the content within them.

Fixed a bug where the character count displayed on the realm select screen was inaccurate after deleting a character.

There are now controls to show/hide text bubbles for players and NPC’s. They are located in the Chat Options UI.

Fixed an issue where unspent ability and amp points were sometimes not reported to the pinned interface menu list button.

Workorder Board and Tradeskills quests will now show up on the maps with a quest colored orange tradeskill icon.

Public Events now have their own achievement icons.

Slider buttons now function properly in the Nameplate options window.

Titles of tradeskill tech tree entries should now use the proper localization for male/female variants.

Corrected the match text in Group Finder for the Practice level 30-49 version of Daggerstone Pass to read (30-49) instead of (30-39).

Under the “Names” tab on the Character form, there are areas for entering new names for pets and houses.

Added an option to filter quests in the quest tracker settings that are not affiliated with the zone the players character is in.

Newly created characters should now show up on the realm change screen, and players should no longer have to logout and back into their account.

Button tooltips for C.R.E.D.D. exchange buy orders now factor in the 5% fee.

A new, cleaner “options” style flyout and button has been added. The Guild Info panel has been cleaned up slightly, and now allows the News panel to be expanded and collapsed.

Manual chat links such as items are no longer started with { and end in }. Chat links are now started with . This was done to help prevent collisions with the sentence construction tokens.

Updated the ‘Also add player to my Ignore List’ option so that if the check box to add players to ignored list is checked, sending the player ticket will also add the player to ignored list.

Fixed vendor buyback item price displayed.

Nameplate options: Info Bar has been renamed to Health Bar.

Added a ‘mute all’ check box to the sound options screen.

Messages from the vendor will now be sent to the Loot channel.

There have been updates made to the Minimap and ZoneMap tooltips to give players more information – Each unit of marker has been sorted into categories, and multiple units with the same name are now collapsed into one entry. In addition, any units and markers that are hidden on the Minimap or Zone Map are no longer displayed in the tooltips. In addition, quests will now show the quest’s level, and the level will be colored according to its relative difficulty in relation to the player’s level.

The fatigued tooltip when running/swimming too far out from a playspace has been adjusted. It no longer says “You swam out too far. Return to shore!”, and instead says “The primal forces of Nexus take a heavy toll on those who travel too far afield. Go back!”

ZoneMap: Fixed issue where loading into a zone when at max zoom would not load the correct sub zone name into the zone drop down.

The option to constrain windows to the edges of the screen has been replaced with a slider that will now allow players to specify how far outside of the screen windows can be constrained by.

The vendor will now show a blocker when the tab is switched automatically. When this blocker is up, no interaction with the container list can be made. However, the player may switch tabs to cut the duration of the blocker.The blocker appropriately lets the player know that a transition has occurred.

The rune slot filters for item auctions have been fixed and should work as intended now, showing only items that have at least one of the selected rune slot type.

Attached the Drusera Galactic Archive entries to her Galactic Archive article so they will all properly unlock.

Queuing for random content in the Group Finder now offers a bonus reward. There’s a tooltip in the UI that details what players will get!

When an instance encounter ends that would change available resurrection options, the five second death timer will be reset for players waiting to resurrect.

The default inventory size has been made a bit wider to accommodate a higher currency count. Remember though, this window can be resized!

Arkship Tutorials – Removed the cog icon from the flavor lore objects in the Museum and Relic Room.

When purchasing items from vendors who sell limited quantities of an item, there has been no feedback flash given upon a purchase (unlike other vendors). These vendors will now flash when purchasing any item, as well as selling and buying back.

Customization options in character create will update to the correct options after the player presses the Randomize All button.

Tradeskills and Inventory UI will no longer jump to the top of other windows when toggled off.

The Communicator Call UI will now change its framing based on which faction players are speaking with.

Item tooltips with special requirements should now display when the requirement is not met.

Tooltips for mail attachments will now update correctly when a player takes an attachment.

Hostile players or player pets in instanced pvp now have a new crosshair icon over their nameplate.

Slash command emotes in French and German no longer require accents.

Now when beginning to type in RP mode, the {*} will not be selected and overwritten.

Added checkbox for “Play Sound In Background” to the sound menu.

Deleting a macro will now delete any action bar shortcuts associated with it.

Hovering over icons on the ZoneMap will now yield consistent looking tooltips.

Fixed an issue that prevented some characters from saving their Limited Action Set and AMPs.


In the main addons list, there is now a new search feature to immediately find the addon and it’s information.

Fixed an issue that caused the Match Maker addon to show PvP Gear Score on the Rated Battlegrounds tab instead of the player’s PvP Rating.

Apollo API

New Function: Item.IsTradeable(). This function returns true if the item can be traded to another player.

New Function: GroupLib.SetOrder(nMemberIdx, nSortIdx). This function sets an index that can be used to sort group members. This function returns a value from the GroupLib.ActionResult enum.

New Function: Guild:GetBankMoneyRepairRemaining(). This function returns a Money object with the amount of money remaining in the player’s Guild Repair allowance.

Updated GameLib.GetDyeCost( arItemData, nDyeId0, nDyeId1, nDyeId2). Passing -1 for any of the nDyeId values returns the cost of setting that dye channel back to its original color.

New Function: Item.GetEffectiveLevel(). This returns the item’s effective level.

Added the nEffectiveLevel element to the table returned by Item.GetDetailedInfo(). This element contains the item’s effective level.

New Console Variables: matching.mercenaryAllowed and matching.warpartyAllowed. These console variables determine the default queue the player is added to when queuing for Warplots. If neither value is set to ‘true’, the player will be added to the Warparty queue if they are in a Warparty and the Mercenary queue if they are not.

New Function: MatchingGame:GetReward(). This function returns a table with the rewards for completing a match/instance that the player randomly queued for. The return table can contain nXpEarned, monReward, itemReward, and/or nItemCount.

New Function: CostumeWindow:RemoveItem(GameLib.CodeEnumItemSlots). This function hides whatever item is shown for the specified item slot in a Costume Window. The item can be shown again with the CostumeWindow:SetItem() function.

New Functions: ProgressBar.GetFloor(), ProgressBar.GetMax(), and ProgressBar.GetProgress(). These functions return the minimum, maximum, and current values of the progress bar, respectively.

The Immortal Datascape achievement reward title of “.Invincible” is now “.Invincible();”

Added the strSubZone element to the table in the first return value of the WhoResponse event. This element names the subzone the player that was returned is in.

Added strLastQuery as the third return value in the WhoResponse event. This value is the string that was used in the search query.

Changed the strType element in the values returned in Unit:GetRewardInfo() to eType. The new element corresponds with the Unit.CodeEnumRewardInfoType.

ApolloTimers will now call an event Multiple times if the frequency of the timer is less then the frame time.

New Function: PublicEventObjective:GetMedalPoints(). This function returns the number of Dungeon Medal Points the player receives for completing this Public Event Objective.

Updated the ‘arImbuements’ element in the table returned by Item:GetDetailedInfo() to include new imbuement types. It will now contain the ‘eNewQuality’ element if the item’s quality will be updated (corresponds with the Item.CodeEnumItemQuality enum), nAddedLevels if the item’s iLevel will be updated, or nAddedRuneSlots if Rune Slots will be added to the item.

New Function: MatchingGame.GetMatchingGameType() to get the current matching game type. The return value corresponds with the MatchingGame.MatchType enum.

New Function: PublicEvent:GetStat(PublicEvent.PublicEventStatType). This returns the specified stat value for the current player.

Added PublicEvent.PublicEventStatType enum.

New Function: Quest:GetZoneId(). This function returns the World Zone Id associated with the quest.

Changed the CashWindow:SetAmount() function. The first parameter can now be a number, a single Money object, or an array of two Money objects. If an array is provided then both currencies will be displayed. The CashWndow still only supports entering a value for a single currency.


Added, fixed, and adjusted many animations and tightened up the graphics of many things on Nexus!

We’ve made a great deal of adjustments so that various pieces of gear fit better on characters.

Fixed multiple clipping issues that were occurring, especially with player character armor. We also fixed many open-world clipping issues as well.


Fixed, added, and adjusted Audio and SFX for a multitude of things on Nexus. So keep your ears open!