Wildstar’s Protogames Initiative update is colossal; new missions for both low and high level players | PCGamesN

Wildstar’s Protogames Initiative update is colossal; new missions for both low and high level players

Wildstar Protogames

Carbine have released a new update for Wildstar, and it’s absolutely massive. Addressing a variety of player concerns, the most notable element of the Protogames Initiative update is the platter of new content that’s evenly spread between dungeons for veterans to raid and training exercises for newbies. 

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Shiphand quests have been a popular element of Wildstar since launch, and the Protogames update ensures they remain relevant for top-level characters by cranking the difficulty up. These level-50 veteran Shiphand dailies are challenging versions of the existing Shiphand missions, which will provide some better rewards too. If you’re looking to try one of these revised versions, you can pull together a team for one in the Group Finder. 

For the newer player, the update introduces ‘They Came From Fragment Zero!’, a level-6 quest that sees you hunting for lost crewmen. Similar to Shiphands, this quest will also be available in a level-50 flavour too, so if you’re a long time player this new mission is still available. 

Also aimed at lower level characters is the Protogames Academy, designed to teach newbies about the roles each character takes in group missions. Graduate and make your way to level-50 and you can take on the Ultimate Protogames, a new level-50 dungeon that pits you against randomly selected enemies. 

Customisation has been vastly improved, allowing you to redesign your character at a Protostar Modification Specialist, and do plenty more home design in the Housing Decor options, making your playing housing that little more you. You can even select the kind of terrain you’d like your personal space to be built on.

For the nitty-gritty, check out page 2 for the patch notes. Or just jump into Wildstar right now! 

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3 Years ago

Dead game is dead game, costly mistake to focus on a game entirely NCSoft, you could've made $$$$ with Blade and Soul.