Wildstar server issues follow free to play launch, fixes being applied now


The Wildstar free to play launch has gone better than Carbine expected, to the point where too many players are causing the servers to collapse under the weight. With tonnes of new players and loads of returning ones, they’ve had problems both with massive queue times and connectivity. The tech they have in place is part of the problem, with a recent post on the official blog stating that “our megaservers are not handling the load they should.”

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The planned fix is designed to prevent this by installing new hardware that will bring more servers online, letting more people play and alleviating the strain on each one. This is a stop-gap measure they believe will fix the problems in the short-term, but they plan to merge all these extra realms once the flood stops and they’ve had some time to code solutions.

The full post goes into more detail, but all this should be happening in the next 24 hours. A forum thread has also been set up for players to express concerns, ask questions and developers to provide clarifications. If you’ve been considering a return, Nick had a look at all the Wildstar free to play changes last week. What do you think of them?

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