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WildStar’s free-to-play beta sign up now open


Ahead of its transition to free-to-play in Autumn, WildStar just opened up beta registrations and dropped a teaser trailer. New players will get access to two character slots, four costume slots and two bank slots – which isn’t a bad amount of slots for the price of £0.00. 

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Current subscribers will have the most slots of all, as well as various other benefits that you can read about HERE. People are going to get slot envy. Still, if you are one of those non subscribers who is hoping to be a free-to-play slot pauper, you can sign up to the beta HERE.


Though new players might have fewer slots, they get access to the whole game, every character class and all the skills. Some restrictions are in place, however, with players having to sign up to a ‘Signature program’ to be able to create guilds and gain access to other perks. Both classes of player will inhabit the same servers, so current subscribers should expect to see a huge population boost which can only be good for the game’s longevity. Check out the teaser trailer below:

Are you a current subscriber? How do you feel about the change? Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the game to go free. Let us know your thoughts below.