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Wildstar’s secret weapon for taking on WoW revealed: hoverboards


I’m sure you’ve noticed that MMO players tend to be a bit keen on mounts, and that’s not because they’re status-obsessed. Okay, a bit that. But also because traversal is hugely important; if you’re going to ask players to take in your online world for upwards of 100 hours, you’d better provide an entertaining means of getting around it.

Boy, have Carbine Studios managed that.

The below video was uncovered by Wildstar’s fledgling community – hyper-early adopters drawn to its promises of player housing and reactive combat. Hints were dropped in a recent developer showcase of Wildstar’s warrior class, and within two days fans had de-puzzled them. This was their reward:

Cor. The best thing about that clip is the gentle descent from the cliff. No, hang on, not that – the blades of grass as they whip by. Actually, no – the mid-air board-grap. With any luck, we’ll have proper successors to both WoW and SSX Tricky rolled into one. What do you reckon?