Windows 10 downloaded by 14 million people in 24hrs, people think it’s good

Windows 10

In the 24 hours after Microsoft launched Windows 10, 14 million people had downloaded the new operating system and had become active users. It’s an unprecedented amount of users, and certainly down to the fact that Microsoft have been giving it away free to existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

It’s also nice that people think upgrading is a pretty good move. Many have offered praise for the new OS, such as ‘it isn’t terrible’.

The 14 million computers running Windows 10 is huge. Windows 8 sold four million copies in four days, which was reported as outselling Windows 7. And those 14 million were just in 24 hours. Microsoft has yet to meet demand for Windows 10, with many users still waiting for their update files to download. The OS is being sent out in waves, so there are many more users still to come.

The reviews circuit is singing the praises for Windows 10. Our own Tim said “you’ll prefer Windows 10 to any previous version,” whilst pointing out that there are a few gimmicky elements to the new system. TechRadar slapped four-and-a-half stars on it, stating it is robust and pleasant to use. Cnet felt corrected “nearly all of the missteps of Windows 8”. Ars Technica took a look at the gaming potential of the system, and wrote “most gamers can make the jump to Windows 10 today without issue.”

There has been the odd bit of controversy though. The new Wi-Fi Sense feature shares your wi-fi passwords with people in your contacts list, enabling them to easily use your wi-fi if they pop round for tea and cake. Of course, this sounds like a security breach to many, and even if it’s not that, do you really want the school nutter you’re friends with on Facebook purely for entertainment reasons to have your wi-fi details? The system can be turned off, but ‘express install’ settings turn it on by default.

Then there’s the microstransaction-fuelled Solitaire. Man alive.

Have you upgraded to Windows 10? How are you finding Microsoft’s new operating system?