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Windows 10 is being used by a quarter of all Steam gamers


It turns out there are lots of people like me that are daft enough to download a new OS almost as soon as it releases.

In fact, the latest figures from Steam reveal that almost 25% of all its users are running either the 64bit or 32bit version of Microsoft's latest OS, with a 17% increase in users within the last month. It must be that sweet DirectX 12 anticipation. 

Overall, Windows remains the most popular gaming platform on Steam, with almost 96% of the market - OS X is second at 3.23%, and Linux is third at less than 1%.

Meanwhile, the most popular dedicated video card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, which powers my machine and the machines of 3.5% of other Steam users. 

You can check out how your system stacks up against the majority of Steam users by looking at the full Steam hardware survey.

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nu1mlock avatarKirk McKeand avatarGianvelox avatarAnAuldWolf avatarTeddy avatar*sigh* avatar+1
nu1mlock Avatar
2 Years ago

Did you just make an article out of another article on PCGN saying pretty much the same thing?

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

Not quite. It was more an error of communication.

Gianvelox Avatar
2 Years ago

i use windows 10 and nvidia 9500 gt,after years this is an good video card,run quite good my games.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I really feel bad for them, and you! I don't mean anything really mean by it (even though it is a little funny), but by doing this you're making yourself cannon fodder for every black hat who's going to be trying to figure out all the holes in this new OS.

That coupled with the multitude of nasty system breaking bugs we've seen so far? I honestly think the smart thing is to wait a year. I know you can't do that because journalism, but I do worry for you and everyone who's just stepped into the front lines.

Best of luck to you, brave soldiers! I know I wouldn't be there. Not for another year at least. Here's hoping I see you at the end of the year (or however long I wait) intact.

I'm just going to be a coward. But perhaps a sensible coward??

*sigh* Avatar
2 Years ago

Well gamers love free. They arent the brightest sparks either.

Acantophis3rD Avatar
2 Years ago

96% - 25% = 71% of people that weren't dumb enough to install the garbage OS just yet. As long as games don't force you to only use DX12, I keep my superior Win7.

Teddy Avatar
2 Years ago

Last I heard 1 in 4 are idiots. This does nothing but confirm it.