Windows 10 is being used by a quarter of all Steam gamers


It turns out there are lots of people like me that are daft enough to download a new OS almost as soon as it releases.

In fact, the latest figures from Steam reveal that almost 25% of all its users are running either the 64bit or 32bit version of Microsoft’s latest OS, with a 17% increase in users within the last month. It must be that sweet DirectX 12 anticipation. 

Overall,Windows remains the most popular gaming platform on Steam, with almost 96% of the market – OS X is second at 3.23%, and Linux is third at less than 1%.

Meanwhile, the most popular dedicated video card is theNvidia GeForce GTX 970, which powers my machine and the machines of 3.5% of other Steam users.

You can check out how your system stacks up against the majority of Steam users by looking at the full Steam hardware survey.

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