Windows 10 running on 75 million devices, that’s more than the population of the UK


Stats are fun. For example, if every device (that includes phones, desktops, laptops and your dog) currently running Windows 10 had an individual owner, and we all moved in together and declared ourselves independent from the outside world, we’d be the 18th largest nation. France, Turkey, Italy and the UK could all suck it, as far as we were concerned. Or I guess we’d probably have to vote on that.

Point is, adaption rate of Microsoft’s latest has been very high, almost like they were literally giving it away. I’m yet to make the leap yet myself, worried about compatibility issues that have actually come up this week with some Early Access titles. Many I know did the immediate switch, particularly if they were still chilling on 7, and seem very happy with the decision.

There were some other stats announced on Twitter. The service that allows Xbox Ones to stream games to PC has already been used for a combined122 years since launching last month. For what I assumed would be a highly niche feature, that’s pretty impressive. I wouldn’t have expected there to have been 122 years of game time on Xbox Ones as a whole in the last few weeks.

Also interesting is that the Windows Store, which has long been mostly ignored by users, has six times the usage rate on Windows 10 than in the past. Whether that’s due to a higher quality experience or more useful apps isn’t clear, but it’s set to continue with games like Fable Legends being available on there rather than Steam.

Who’s made the jump and who’s still worried? It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll upgrade in the coming weeks rather than months.