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Windows 11 update 22H2 rumoured to arrive next month

The first major Windows 11 update, known as 22H2, will bring a swathe of changes to the operating system and is now rumoured to arrive on September 20

The Windows 11 logo stands at the forefront of other recognisable icons from the operating system

The first major Windows 11 update, known as 22H2, is due to arrive later this year, but Microsoft is yet to reveal its official release date. Now, it seems that the first major revision to the company’s latest operating system could be made available to systems around the world as early as next month.

22H2 promises to be no meagre Windows 11 update, introducing a slew of new features to the OS that should help entice users to upgrade to the operating system, making its release hotly anticipated by many. According to sources close to Windows Central and The Verge, we can expect this new version to drop on September 20.

After downloading the 22H2 Windows 11 update, users should be able to customise the Start Menu more to their liking, by resizing the pinned area and finally being able to create app folders in the Start Menu as they could on Windows 10.

We’ll have a full list of everything new in the 22H2 Windows 11 update once it finally rolls around, so watch this space.