Windows 95 running on a New Nintendo 3DS is very cool indeed


While the new year is a time for future planning and fresh ideas, there’s always room for nostalgia. One resourceful GBATemp user named shutterbug2000 feels so strongly about this fact that they’ve managed to run the two-decade old Windows 95 operating system on a New Nintendo 3DS XL. What a time to be alive.   

If you remember Windows 95 the first time round you’re probably old (like me) therefore might be interested in our best adult games

Okay, so there’s not actually all that much to it at present – the videos below show the vintage OS running courtesy of a DOSbox emulator at a very basic level – but it’s pretty impressive nevertheless.

Pondering which PC games we’ll be able to play on the move via a modern handheld is likely a touch premature at this stage, but this thread should keep you up to speed with updates on that front. If you’d like to try Windows 95 out on a New 3DS yourself, you can grab instructions this-a-way.

Classic Minesweeper, anyone?