Winter is coming later: Telltale is saving Game of Thrones details for after E3

Game of Thrones won't be at E3

While E3, which kicks off today, will drown us all in announcements, reveals, trailers and new footage, there’s always going to be a few games that sidestep the glitz and over-excitement. Last month, IO revealed they won’t be showing off the new Hitman, and now Telltale’s Job Staffer has announced on Twitter that the adventure game studio are still keeping a lid on Game of Thrones. 

“For those asking, Game of Thrones will premiere later this year after TFTBL [Tales from the Borderlands] kicks off,” Staffer explained on Twitter. “More news on GoT towards the end of summer, not at E3.”

While Telltale’s success with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us ensures that any new game it shows off will get plenty of attention, even during the ridiculously hectic week of E3, there’s something to be said for being able to digest it free from distractions.

On Thursday, Telltale revealed some of the voice cast for Tales from the Borderlands. Venture Bros. and Family Guy’s square-jawed Patrick Warburton, voice-acting’s most prolific leading man Nolan North and Being Human’s (US) Sam Witwer will all be causing a ruckus on Pandora.