The Witcher 3 video confirms spooky boats

The Witcher 3 video

I could watch videos of The Witcher 3 all day, and not just because I have a penchant for pasty-faced monster hunting mutants, but because it looks absolutely lovely. How lovely? Well, devour the video below with your eyes and see. It almost makes that VGX nonsense worth it.

I’m kidding of course, that was a travesty. 

Shiny Sauron, pretty fire, realistic fur and damn do those environments look lively. The Witcher has never had a dearth of interesting places to explore, but the shift to open world will undoubtedly lead to more than our hungry eyes can handle. And sailing now sounds infinitely more exciting if we’ll be meeting some ships made out of claws, dead men’s claws no less. Streuth.