The Witcher Adventure Game closed beta sees first deployment of GOG Galaxy

The Witcher Adventure Game: still about Geralt.

Which Witcher is this? This is the one which calls itself an Adventure Game, but is in fact a Fantasy Flight board game magi-technologically turned into a PC game by CD Projekt RED.

It’s going into closed beta on the back of GOG’s fledgling Galaxy platform – the desktop client they hope will rub up alongside Steam in the taskbar.

The first wave of beta participants for The Witcher Adventure Game on PC and Mac is already decided. It consists of a subset of players who pre-ordered The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on GOG. More invitations will flow forth as the beta progresses.

Those early players will also be testing out the multiplayer components of GOG Galaxy for us. Galaxy will be a desktop program for the buying and running of games, which doesn’t require online activation or interfere with players’ ability to join Steam friends.

The Witcher Adventure Game was designed primarily by Ignacy Trzewiczek, Polish board game extraordinaire. But CD Projekt have done all the computer bits themselves, obviously, and have become quite attached to the thing.

“The moment you give people a chance to play a game so dear to you is always exciting,” said exec producer Rafał Jaki. “Give us your feedback and, most importantly, have fun playing!”

The Witcher Adventure Game will be out later this year on PC and Mac, as well as in boxes. Are you interested enough in the world Geralt rides through to pick it up?