The Witcher gets a tabletop spin-off with Geralt and Triss

The Witcher Adventure Game

I never have a dearth of games to play. Between things I’m covering for work or the 200 deep backlog I’ve accumulated on Steam, there’s always something I can jump into and lose a few hours in. But I fret that the wait for The Witcher 3 is turning me into a petulant child, shrieking “I want, I want, I want” all day long. 

I could just go and replay The Witcher 2, which I’m actually already doing, but another option has been thrown into the mix: a tabletop RPG featuring Geralt, Triss, Dandelion and Zigrin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a bloody release date, so I’m back to square one. 

The Witcher Adventure Game, being developed by Fantasy Flight Games, pits players against each other or allows them to work together as they travel across the world getting into all sorts of bother and bawdy adventures. Controlling one of the four heroes, they’ll be able to use diplomacy, magic and good old fashioned combat to complete quest cards while levelling up and working their way through custom skill paths.

Digital versions are also in the works, though inexplicably only for mobile devices, where you can’t actually play the core series. Genius! Maybe they’ll be nice enough to port it over to PC, but if not, you can just slap the tabletop version down on your desk and use your mouse to knock over die or something.

Although there’s no release date, those of you interested in preordering it can hop on over to the website and sign up for updates.

Cheers, CVG.