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With Windows 10 around the corner, Xbox One streaming goes live


It’s long been announced that there were plans for a lot more interaction between Microsoft’s latest console and its PC/tablet operating systems, but with Windows 10 officially launching in 10 days, it’s finally starting to happen. In a post on the Xbox blog, Microsoft break down how to link your Xbox One to your PC and stream games.

Full details are in the post, but of note is that not only does this let you stream games, but also gives you full control of the Xbox from your PC. This is a pretty cool concept and the kind of thing I’d like to see across the other consoles, particularly the ones I’m more likely to buy. If I can play new games, at the comfort of my desk, without worrying about port quality or incompatibility issues – that’s just a good thing.

The post also goes into detail on what to expect from the Xbox app in the latest update. Like Games For Windows Live (only better, I hope), Xbox is now the gaming service on PC and is integrated with the Windows store. It also means that streaming can go the other way, letting you play various PC games on your Xbox.

There’ll be more news from Microsoft about PC and Xbox at Gamescom in early August.