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Witness Wildstar’s Spellslinger: “the Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat”

Wildstar Carbine Studios NCSoft

A greyed-out box marked ‘Spellslinger’ has just now turned a fetching shade of sea-blue over at Wildstar’s CLASSES ULTRA DROP site, where Carbine have been begun letting details on the WoW-worrier’s six classes slip from their hands and thud noisily into the public domain. Butter-fingers!

The spellslinger’s chief role involves – oh, who told you?

Spellslingers actually get a fair – i.e. at least binary – degree of choice in the kinds of magic they hurl, dependent on whether their focus lies in healing or damage-per-second. But regardless of which direction their players choose to take them in, they’ll always look good with it – thanks to a three-ways-cool affinity for dual pistols, magic sigils and forward rolls.

The spellslinger supplements his abilities with void powers, which allow him to switch places with enemies, or even just pop into another (undisclosed) dimension briefly to avoid somebody they really, really don’t want to confront.

“Basically, he’s the Nightcrawler in a cowboy hat,” summarise Carbine, helpfully.

In slightly-alienating MMO terms, the slinger’s strengths lie in range, high burst capability, mobility, and crowd control. He’s also the king of kiting, best used to freeze enemies with Frost spells while dancing about them, dealing heavy damage.

Sounds good, no? Even better when imagined in conjunction with the Wildstar hoverboard.