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Diablo inspired roguelike dungeon crawler gets stellar Steam demo

Blending the isometric dungeon crawling of Diablo with roguelike sensibilities, Wizard of Legend 2 is one of the slickest SNF demos.

Wizard of Legend 2 Steam Next Fest demo: a red hooded wizard with glowing blue eyes all that's visible under the hood

I’m always on the lookout for the next great roguelike, and Steam Next Fest has me spoilt for choice. With the demo festival nearly over, vibrant dungeon crawler Wizard of Legend has caught my eye, and the free demo is one you should absolutely try if you’re looking for an arcade and Diablo-inspired adventure with some great magical combinations.

An upcoming isometric roguelike dungeon crawler, I’ve already had a lot of fun with my short time playing Wizard of Legend 2. The movement and dodging feels incredibly smooth, and the cel-shaded art style really helps everything pop, which I love. Controlling the aspects of fire, water, earth, lightning, air, and chaos, you’ve got two main attacks and one more brutal one, and there’s a stellar flow to combat with this, even if you’ve only got the basics.

Wizard of Legend 2 is also one of the most popular game demos this Steam Next Fest, at number three on trending upcoming and number five on most wishlisted games. So if you’re on the fence but want to try the roguelike game, I’m almost certain someone you know on Steam has given it a go.

I was dodging around enemies while shooting fireballs, freezing them in a cone of ice, and using a long-range heavy attack to decimate all the frozen enemies while they were stuck in place. You’ll find new arcana spells as you go, so be sure to mix and match what you have to find that next winning combo. Simply go to the giant floating book between runs and test out your new build on the training dummies.

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On another run, I had giant stone fists that smashed enemies in front of me, a whirlwind attack that brought nearby enemies right next to me for a good punching, and a chain lightning attack that jumps between opponents for some extra damage. At the end of each floor you can pick out one of three permanent buffs for that run, so I can already see a lot of fluid builds and combat options emerging in Wizard of Legend 2.

The full game will be up to four-player online co-op, but the new Steam demo is just for one player. At least playing alone you can’t be so embarrassed by all your deaths that could have been avoided – maybe that was just me though.

The Wizard of Legend 2 demo is available now on Steam until Monday June 17, with a full release date to be confirmed. You can download it right here.

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