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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bosses list

A list of all of the main Wo Long bosses and the more difficult enemies you can find in the optional sub-missions throughout Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long bosses - a man has been transformed by the Elixir into a giant white tiger with red magic flowing around it.

There are a total of 30 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty bosses to put to the sword, ranging from fights against the strongest warriors of the Three Kingdoms to demonic beasts corrupted by the elixir spreading its evil influence across Ancient China. It takes skill and bravery to slay them all and bring peace to the nation.

These Wo Long bosses will test your mettle. Some will teach you how to deflect in Wo Long, while others provide a major spike in difficulty in the RPG game. With the cunning use of the best Wo Long spells and using the correct Divine Beasts at the most opportune moment, you can best even the toughest of foes. Just make sure to bring some companions with you, as they can distract your foes as you attempt to heal.

Wo Long bosses - a snake-woman monster known as the Baishe is attacking the player and Cao Cao in a dungeon.

Wo Long bosses list

Here are all the major Wo Long bosses you can expect to fight. There are 21 mandatory fights you need to complete to advance the story, while there are also nine optional fights in the sub-missions.

Here is the full list of Wo Long bosses:

Wo Long main bosses

  • Zhang Liang, General of Man
  • Zhu Yan
  • Feng Xi
  • Zhang Bao, General of Earth
  • Zhang Jiao, General of Heaven
  • Aoye
  • Baishe
  • Zhang Rang
  • Hua Xiong
  • Lu Bu (Human)
  • Taotie
  • Sun Jian
  • Dong Zhuo
  • Xiahou Dun
  • Zhang Liao
  • Lu Bu (Demon)
  • Yan Liang and Wen Chou
  • Liu Bei
  • Yuan Shao
  • Yu Ji / Embodiment of Demonic Qi
  • Blindfolded Boy

Wo Long bosses - the player is fighting against both Sun Ce and Sun Jian. Evereyone is poisoned as there are poisonous deposits around the training hall.

Wo Long optional bosses

  • Sun Ce and Sun Jian
  • Zhao Yun
  • Cao Cao
  • Liu Bei
  • Leishi
  • Hong Jing
  • Zhang Liao
  • Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun
  • Yuan Shao

And those are all of the Wo Long bosses – once you’ve beaten them, why not return for a rematch in Wo Long new game plus? This is one of the best PC games this year so far, so be sure to prepare for each boss fight by exploring the environment, raising all of the optional flags to boost your fortitude rank, and tracking down every Wo Long Dragon Vein Crystal and Essence for your healing pot. We also have info about how long Wo Long is going to take to complete, as well as where to find the adorable Wo Long Shitieshou demon pandas so you can trade trash for treasure. Finally, our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review delves into our own experiences with Team Ninja’s latest iteration of the Three Kingdoms.