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How to deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Learn how to deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, as well as everything you need to know about Critical Blows, supporting magic, and when to dodge.

Wo Long deflect how to - a warrior is deflecting the attack of a Yellow Turban soldier.

When learning how to deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, practising on the weaker enemies where the consequences aren’t as serious is important. You’ll likely get hit a few times as you learn, perhaps even die, but you must learn the perfect moment to deflect attacks – or parry, riposte, counter, if you like – to make it far in the Soulslike game. It’s also worth experimenting with the types of attacks you can deflect, as each time you successfully do so can make all the difference when taking down monstrous foes.

Of course, you’ve read the tutorial that explains that pressing the dodge button once while holding a movement direction has you deflect an oncoming attack. However, there’s a big difference between knowing how to deflect in principle and executing it consistently, especially against the Wo Long bosses. These are the types of attacks you can deflect and why deflecting is essential to getting far in the RPG game.

Wo Long deflect how to - a warrior has just successfully deflected an attack, staggering the opponent briefly. The opponent is a Yellow Turban peasant soldier.

Deflecting attacks in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Perhaps the better question is, what kind of attacks can you deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? The short answer is that it’s possible to deflect every attack in the game. Every time you deflect a spear’s thrust, the swiping claws of a beast, or even the spell from a mage cast from miles away, you’ll gain a small chunk of spirit gauge, which you need to execute spirit attacks. By pressing the heavy attack button in a combo when your spirit gauge reaches the blue maximum, you’ll deal lots of spirit-based damage to your opponents, bringing them closer to death.

However, you need to pay attention to the attacks that begin with enemies glowing red. These are Critical Blows that, should they hit you, will decrease your Fortitude level by one or to your minimum level threshold. Deflecting them, on the other hand, will shave a chunk of that enemy’s maximum poise. If the red bar on the left gets full, your enemy will be stunned, leaving them vulnerable. Most enemies have a red dot that appears as they recover, which is a prompt you can press the attack button to deal a massive chunk of damage. Most of the boss fights require that you do this multiple times, but regular enemies only need you to do this once.

Wo Long deflect how to - Zhang Liang, General of Man is charging a critical blow by glowing red. The fight is taking place on a mountain top near a tree in the moonlight.

Some Wo Long spells can have an effect on spirit gauges. We recommend putting some levels into Wood, Earth, and Metal phases. Wood and Earth spells include some that reduce the amount of negative spirit gauge you take when hit or heal a certain amount for a short casting cost. Metal magic can give enemies debuffs that make it easier for you to reach the stunning point on the spirit gauge.

Deflecting is ideal, but occasionally you’ll find an attack that you just don’t feel confident in attempting to deflect. You can press the dodge button once after your initial press to roll out of the way. This can be particularly useful when defending against multi-hitting attacks, most commonly found while attacking the tiger-like Changgui, or other similarly quick-hitting combos from foes. We also highly recommend seeking out all Wo Long Dragon’s Vein crystals and essences, to improve the healing capacity of your Dragon’s Cure Pot and survive everything the action-adventure game can throw at you.

That’s how to deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but the best way to learn is to practise in one of the best PC games. Find an unfamiliar enemy with new attacks to get the timing down for, and just spend a few minutes letting them attack you without retaliation. Like most games like Dark Souls, the time you’ll spend with Wo Long can vary drastically, but our guide to how long Wo Long is can give you a rough estimate. We’ve also got the locations of all Wo Long Shitieshou demons, mild-mannered panda bears with a taste for metal.