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How long is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty - length and time to beat

Here’s how long it takes to beat Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja’s dark fantasy soulslike set during the tumultuous Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China.

How long is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Zhao Yun, a protagonist and companion in Team Ninja's action soulslike, dressed in his militia armour.

How long is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Your militia soldier’s epic rise to power in Team Ninja’s action RPG isn’t going to happen overnight. Instead, it’ll take hours of spell-slinging and sword-swinging to slay the demonic forces taking root in Ancient China, to say nothing of the Yellow Turban Rebellion raging all around you.

Your total playtime in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will undoubtedly vary depending on your prior experience with games like Dark Souls. If you’re no stranger to a parry and riposte, you’ll have little trouble dispatching fearsome Wo Long bosses blocking your progression, and will inevitably reach the end credits sooner than a complete novice. All that being said, here’s exactly how long it takes to beat Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and complete one of the best PC games of 2023.

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How long is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty playthrough took approximately 30 hours to complete. That said, the RPG game is also full of plenty of side missions and challenges that can stave off the end credits for a good while longer – so if you’re a die-hard completionist, you may find your time with Wo Long Fallen Dynasty extends upwards of 60 hours.

If you’re struggling to progress, we’ve got guides to teach you how to deflect in Wo Long, as well as a list of all Wo Long Dragon Vein Crystal and Essence locations to upgrade your healing pot. Choosing the best spells will certainly help you on your journey, offering precious life-steal and the ability to dish out bonus damage.

Now that you know roughly how long it’ll take to beat Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, check out how our own nameless militia soldier fared in our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty review. If you’re yet to hack and slash your way through Ancient China, we recommend brushing up on the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty system requirements to ensure your PC can handle everything the action-adventure game can throw at you.