The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 screens reveal Jack, naughty dancers, threatening cricket bat

The Wolf Among Us

If like us you were enamoured with episode one of The Wolf Among Us, you’re likely pretty upset that December didn’t come packaged with a second episode of the wonderful noir fantasy thriller. Those desperate to discover what’s in store for Bigby next may find answers in two new screens shown off by Telltale today though. If you’re a fan of the comics you’re in for a treat: Jack is on his way to Fabletown. 

Jack has been a familiar face in Fables ever since Bigby worked on his first case in issue one of the comics. Best known to us as the man who traded a valuable cow for a set of stupid beans, in Fables he’s a roguish charmer with a spectacular jaw-line. Naturally, it doesn’t look like Bigby is too happy to see him.

The other shot supplied by Telltale is soaked in the game’s lovely purple palette, and takes place in the Pudding & Pie, a seedy club as designated by the lady in dire need of some clothes. Clearly the setting for another bar brawl, Bigby is armed with a cricket bat that likely will be smothered with the nose-blood of that creepy looking chap with the tattoos. I look forward to hammering ‘Q’ whilst tussling with him.

But when does the mystery continue? Not yet, but soon. Telltale promise in their blog that Episode 2 will be among us “very soon after the holidays”. Hopefully this means January. Until then, remember that your choice-dictated game fix can be fulfilled by The Walking Dead Season 2 later this month.