Case closed: The Wolf Among Us concludes next week with Cry Wolf

The Wolf Among Us finale

We’ll be bidding farewell to the neon-drenched, dirty streets of Fabletown next week, when The Wolf Among us concludes. The fifth and final episode, Cry Wolf, is due out on July 8th. 

The Wolf Among Us episode 4 only came out at the end of May, so this has been a pretty quick turnaround. Sort of makes up for the agonising four month wait after the first episode. Maybe.  

In the four episodes so far, The Wolf Among Us has transformed from a pulpy noir whodunit into a magical conspiracy with the rumblings of civil war. Despite the many things it shares with The Walking Dead, most notably the way it handles trust and relationships, it’s treading entirely different ground.

The trailer, which contains a few spoilers from previous episodes, is appropriately vague, still leaving us wondering what Bigby’s going to do in the lair of the enemy.

What have you lovely lot made of the series so far? Hoping for a second season?