Woodcutter Simulator 2013 trailer shows chainsaw used responsibly, screenshots include tree-grabbing colossus


However, you don’t seem to have any hands when you’re operating the chainsaw, and when the trailer cuts away to a wide-angle view, there’s nobody to be seen. What does this mean? Are you a (responsible) chainsaw-wielding phantom? And what exactly is the machine in the screenshot above? It looks very much like it’s designed to simply rip trees out of the earth.

Click through for trailer that, even with all its heavy equipment and serious logging, is a remarkably placid experience.

Who would’ve thought there were so many vehicles involved in the logging industry? What do they all do? And quite what sort of diverse tasks can you expect to find yourself involved with? You know, I think all this promotional material raises more questions than it answers. What I can say is that Woodcutter Simulator is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. That should give you enough time to pick up a decent check shirt in the January sales.