Free games: Grab one of 2000 premium codes to celebrate World of Tanks 1.0!

World of Tanks

Do you hear that? It’s the distant sound of thunderous tanks slowly rolling away from you across muddy banks. Yep, you’ve missed it – World of Tanks 1.0 has launched already and millions of people are already turning in their turrets and firing explosive shells at each other.

But don’t worry, it’s never too late to enter the fray, and we can get you in their with a head start, too. What with? A European code giveaway.

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To celebrate the launch of World of Tank’s 1.0 version we have 2000 codes up for grabs that will work in Europe only. Those codes are below and will give you some goodies upon being activated inside the game.

However, do be aware that there are two types of code, and the one you want will depend on your standing with World of Tanks. If you are new to the game – that is, never having played it before – then you will want to take one of the Invite codes, right below here (code redemption instructions are at the bottom of this article).

Invite codes (for new players)

World of Tanks 1.0 Invite codes giveaway

The Invite codes are for new World of Tanks players and grant you seven days of premium account and a premium tanks, the T-127 (U.S.S.R.), with 100% crew. So grab one of those above if that applies to you.

If you are a veteran or, at least, have played World of Tanks a bit before, then you will want to take one of the Bonus codes, which are directly below (code redemption instructions are also below).

Bonus codes (for veteran players)

World of Tanks 1.0 Bonus codes giveaway

These give you the premium tank, the Matilda Black Prince (U.K.), with 100% crew. You also get two types of boosters: 5 x 100% crew experience for two hours, and 5 x 100% experience for one hour.

How to redeem your code:

1. Create an account on theWorld of Tanks websiteand/or login.

2. On the WoT website,click on your usernamein the upper-right of the screen.

3.Click on”Activate WargamingCode”from the username dropdown menu.

4.Enter the code exactly as it was given to you. Then click on the”Redeem”button and you should see your reward the next time you log into World of Tanks.

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