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Kislyi Kart: World of Tanks is getting a limited-time-only race mode

World of Tanks

Tracked vehicles are designed and built for very particular tasks, but goshdarnit if Wargaming aren’t determined to use them for every possible purpose. There’s a persistent games industry rumour that CEO Victor Kislyi takes an Aufklärungspanzer Panther to the supermarket. And he’s greenlit this: a rally racing mode for bulky online shooter World of Tanks.

The new, temporary Tank Rally mode divvies player armour up into teams of three. They’ll race on a version of the game’s Port game map (“completely revamped”, as you might imagine).

The objective is to reach the finish line and a single control point – but use of your ride’s destructive capabilities is encouraged. The track will be decorated with ramps, explosives and other entertainingly interactive tools for turning the tide of the race.

If you’ve already got a vehicle in mind, I’m sorry to let you know that only one tank is eligible to race – the custom-built M24 Chaffee Sport. It’ll be credited to all registered player accounts for free.

Tank Rally will go live on September 29, and be whisked away on October 12. The clan strongholds and such added in World of Tanks 9.2 aren’t going anywhere, though.

If you find yourself on a winning team playing Tank Rally, you’ll be awarded with a special medal. That’s nice, isn’t it?