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World of Tanks 9.6 Patch brings slew of new changes and new French armor

A Sherman blasts a foe on a snowy landscape.

The latest World of Tanks patch brings big changes to the way crew qualifications work, making it less onerous to bring your ace crew members with you from vehicle to vehicle, as well as add some new premium armor, including the mighty French AMX CDC. And as always, there’s a ton of minor tweaks and fixes in this latest patch.

Fiddling with crew members has always been one of the fussier aspects of the “World of…” games so it’s nice to see that Wargaming are making it so that you can switch qualifications between crew members, so that you can take an experienced driver and put him in tank as an experienced gunner, for example. This aims to cut down on “wasted talent among the ranks in your Garage.”

Wargaming have put together a handy video that runs down the major and minor changes in today’s 9.6 patch. It sounds like the saga to make Light Tanks more effective continues as ever (hey, there’s a reason people stopped making light tanks to begin with). Plus, tank destroyers have gotten nerfed a little bit.

The full patch notes are available here. The major items are:

  • New HD quality vehicle models: Löwe, Ferdinand, E100, Tiger (P), T95, Object 704, AMX 50 B

  • Added the following vehicles to Premium Shop: STA-2, tier VIII Premium Japanese medium tank and AMX Chasseur de chars, tier VIII Premium French medium tank

  • Added the Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, tier VIII Premium German medium tank to the in-game Store

  • New Combat Reserves in Stronghold mode: Artillery Strike and Airstrike

  • Changed the distribution of hits at the aiming circle (reduced the number of hits at the very center of the reticle)

  • Added an option to change the qualification of Crew members

  • Reworked the chat Contact list (details below)

  • Rebalanced the view ranges of some tanks and tank destroyers

  • Added option to register and login via social networks

  • Note! At release, this option will only be available on NA servers, due to high potential load on game servers.