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Tanks Rule as World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials smash stuff up

World of Tanks Super Bowl Commercial Tanks Rule

World of Tanks revealed its Super Bowl  2017 commercials ads with a bang. The theme is TANKS RULE. In capital letters. Two are scheduled for during the game, with a couple of bonus rounds for online.

World of Tanks’ adverts are always a bit out there. These commercials are no different. They’re all takes on dumb TV shows, with tanks crashing in on the action.

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The first ad features Real Awful Moms – a sitcom…

The next is Teensy House Buyers…

The next ad, too hot for Super Bowl commercial slots, is Fantasy Sports Bros – where sports fans “act like idiots.”

Finally, there’s Stiffedra.


What is Stiffedra?

It’s basically the Viagra of the World of Tanks universe, right?

Listen, I didn’t write this stuff. WarGaming made a game about vehicles with massive guns and made that the focal point of their marketing strategy, not me.

Still, that elderly couple seem to be having quite the time in the advert until those tanks roll along.

Just to reiterate how mad WarGaming are, this other video embedded above is from the North American team and it depicts those weapons of war as sentient creatures in an Attenborough-esque nature documentary.

Anyway, that’s probably enough internet for tonight. Unless you suddenly want to play World of Tanks.