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World of Tanks version 9.9 deploys new armaments to the battlefield

World of Tanks 9.9

Wargaming have installed version 9.9 into the World of Tanks engine, and after some server downtime yesterday the new improvements are live and ready for you to experiment with. Chief among the improvements are two new events, new vehicles, and some changes to Clan Wars. 

Version 9.9 brings two new modes to The Domination event: Steel Hunt and Supply Swarm. Both of these modes will have their own rules and objectives, and will be released over the next few months.

New in the garage are the German The Spähpanzer 1.C and the Heavy Tank No. VI. The former replaces the Aufklärungspanzer Panther, and the latter is a Japanese Premium Tier VI heavy tank that is a version of the legendary Tiger. When using these tanks, remember that 9.9 has some fixes to damage models, which has adjusted frontal armour effectiveness.

There has also been a change in the display of Global Map battles in the statistics. You can now see the performance of players by separate statistics for the Global Map, without trawling through random battles statistics. Battles conducted on the Global Map will not be considered in the overall account statistics, but included in the statistics tab separately for battles of VI, VIII and X tiers. The statistics of Global Map battles will be available in a separate tab.

The patch is live now, so just boot up your World of Tanks client to see everything in action.