World of Warcraft: Legion’s alpha grows, with Stormheim and Highmountain popping into existence

World of Warcraft: Legion alpha

World of Warcraft: Legion is now in alpha testing, you might know, and Blizzard have seen fit to expand the world a wee bit, adding two new regions and a brand spanking new dungeon for you to root around in for loot and brawls. 

Check out everything we learned about Legion during BlizzCon. 

Alpha testers will now be able to head on over to the Stormheim and Highmountain zones. Stormheim is the stomping grounds of Titans and Vyrkul, heavy with Norse themes and big, burly, hairy dudes fighting, while Highmountain is the home of a group of Tauren with fancy elk antlers and also used to be where Deathwing hung out when he was still the Earth Warden.

In Stormheim — or, rather, above it — you’ll be able to find the Halls of Valor, WoW’s Valhalla analogue. It’s a level-up dungeon where players will fight the minions of the Vyrkul God King and learn about about the flying Val’kyr.

Every class apart from the Shaman is now available to boot.

There’s no NDA, so expect to see lots of videos appearing shortly.