Blizzard plan to add content to Warlords of Draenor’s garrisons “in every patch”

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Blizzard’s packed Warlords of Draenor with things to do. There’s a new continent to explore, raids to run, and dungeons to mine. However, traditional content aside, it’s Draenor’s garrisons which have made players happiest.

Garrison’s lets every player command their own small settlement. You can build and upgrade structures, send your followers out on quests, and finally feel like the king of your own castle.

Blizzard have no intention of leaving garrisons as they are, though.

“There are plans to do more with garrison building progression in patch 6.2,” game director Tom Chilton said on Reddit. He wouldn’t spill the beans on what exactly was to be added in 6.2 but lead designer Cory Stockton said they’re “working on a way for you to have custom music in your Garrison.” He also said the team “are going to try and find ways to make Garrisons easier on alts.”

“We plan to add some form of Garrison content in every patch, we want to keep it fresh too,” Stockton said.

Blizzard have been taken aback by how much fans have enjoyed garrisons, to the point they’ve been forced to reconsider their future. “We designed the system in a way that it can be left behind,” Stockton revealed. “But we could also choose to take certain parts or technology and carry them on to new expansions. […] We need to wait and see how it plays out.”

“One of our goals for the expansion was to add a feature that felt like it gave players new gameplay that feels important and thematically tied to the expansion,” Chilton explained. “We’ll have to wait and see on future expansions. Certainly, we have a goal of providing awesome new gameplay that mixes up your experience for future expansions, but that can take many forms (be it ‘garrisons 2.0’, elements of garrisons mixed in with other new stuff, other new stuff completely, etc).”

Some players see garrisons as another example of Blizzard’s “easy in, easy out” features – tools and features that allow players to log in play for an hour and then log out without being very social.

“We feel like it’s crucial that we support both the “easy in, easy out” gameplay of dungeon/raid finder for players that are just in the mood to quickly run some content,” Chilton said, responding to the criticism. “However, the addition of the group finder is a first step toward improving the other side of the coin, as we also want the game to do a better job of fostering cooperative play and enabling longer-term relationships to be created. We have more stuff in mind for the future to continue to make this better/cooler.”